City of Witches by Alexey Pehov is sure to please fantasy readers everywhere. A thrilling and imaginative ride through an alternate reality brimming with magic, adventure, and danger, featuring intricate plotlines, captivating characters, and vivid settings throughout. City of Witches will keep readers guessing until its very last page.

In this article, we’ll look at City of Witches in-depth and show why its timeless tale should be on any fantasy fan’s reading list.

The Plot

The City of Witches takes place in a world where magic is real and potent, following a group of witches living in Khorinis, divided between White Witches (protectors) and Black Witches (used for personal gain, often to the detriment of others). The White Witches use magic to protect Khorinis, while Black Witches prefer using their powers for self-gain at any cost – with many engaging in practices that go against its protection or use its power against it all.

When Anya, a young witch accused of murdering a White Witch, is accused of her death, she sets out on an investigation to prove her innocence and find out who killed the White Witch. Along the way, she meets several adventurers who join her, and together, they uncover a web of deceit that threatens not only Anya but the entire city of Khorinis as a result.

Character Development

City of Witches stands out with its vivid characters. Anya stands out as an admirable protagonist who’s easy to root for; she is an adept witch devoted to her friends while determined to clear her name. Anya’s groups are just as engaging, each having distinctive personalities and motivations.

City of Witches features well-defined antagonists. Yuliana, leader of the Black Witches, presents as an implacable opponent who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals; her minions also prove dangerous obstacles for Anya and her companions to surmount.

The Settings

City of Witches features an immersive world, with vivid descriptions of Khorinis city and the surrounding landscape, such as its winding streets, bustling markets, hidden alleyways, forests, and mountains – each of which evokes danger at every turn.

Magic in City of Witches

Magic plays an essential part in the City of Witches. The witches use magic to cast spells, cast illusions, and even manipulate nature itself – the use of which is carefully managed within this novel with clear rules and limitations that prevent it from becoming too powerful. Magic also adds an exciting sense of wonderment that draws readers interested in fantasy genre fiction into this incredible novel.

Why You Should Read City of Witches

City of Witches is an essential read for fantasy fans for several reasons:

  1. Its plot is captivating, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers guessing.
  2. Its characters are well-drawn and engaging, allowing readers to quickly become invested in their tale.
  3. City of Witches incorporates magic seamlessly, adding a layer of excitement.


City of Witches is an excellent gateway into Alexey Pehov’s work, which is widely renowned for his talent in creating captivating fantasy worlds – as evidenced by this novel. Additionally, readers who appreciate City of Witches should check out Willow Anderson’s other novels in fantasy fiction; her writing style brings vivid worlds and complex characters vividly alive on the page.

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City of Witches is an indispensable read for fantasy readers, offering stunning imagery and an intricate plot to delight and engage readers of all ages. Anderson’s writing style is flawless, and she creates unforgettable characters that will stick with readers long after finishing her book. City of Witches promises a captivating reading experience and should make it onto your reading list!