Living in an aesthetically enriched space is shown to have powerful positive effects on the minds of people irrespective of their age and gender. It expedites the development of cognitive, social and motor skills in children. Also psychiatrists suggest that an artful environment excites the ‘ventral striatum’, a part of the brain that is responsible for creating a sense of reward within the brain. This mechanism thereupon results in heightened positive moods, improved quality of life, effortless flow of memories and better abilities to resolve issues. On the contrary, being surrounded by unexciting, blank walls and living in a dull space can lull the senses and emotions. It may potentially advocate unproductiveness and aridity resulting in a relatively lower quality of life. Hence if you question the necessity of personalised wall art then you may want to seriously reconsider, owing to its benefits.


It is not necessary that only expensive and rare pieces of art contribute beauty and charm to your living space. There are great alternatives to the conventional practices of hanging mirrors and professional artists’ works on the wall. Why not take up the task of beautifying your living area in your own hands? It’s not as big a deal as most people wrongly conceive it to be. You don’t have to be an established artist for it. Using trivial items of day-to-day life in an unexpected way, there are endless options as to how to create an inviting and charming space and personalised wall art. This apart from saving you enormous amount of money can also give your place a new persona. Also, after all, engaging yourself in art and aesthetics produces significant efficacious effects on your brain.


Wide range of patterned wallpapers is au courant in style now. Well, when you can actually create patterns of your own choice on your wall without any wallpaper, why not try out? Foil-tapes can be used to bring about any pattern on the wall, for example, Moroccan, quatrefoil, Chevron or other simple shapes like those on wallpaper. A stencil can also be used to draw any recurrent patterns and later paint on the wall. Generally it would take half a day for an average sized wall. With this stylish illusion in place your room gets jazzed up in no time.

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A unique idea would be to hang a long sized fabric, probably an Indian saree usually rich in designs. A silk one would be the best. When half the fabric is folded into numerous gracious pleats and the rest of it draped over the wall it can touch anyone who visits the room by its elegance and splendor. A thin line of string hung high and close to the wall can serve for hanging the long cloth.


It must be easy to get some paint samples for free from any paint stores. These little squares, each of unique colors make colorful and wonderful material for decor. These can be composed to snazzy designs. If not, just placing them row after row in a vertical column will make a statement of its own. Such vertical lines also make the room appear taller and the ceiling higher.


Do you have a notable collection of something? Just think how it would be to display it on your wall, giving the items a new meaning. It could be a collection of small-sized colorful baskets. If they are not colorful, well, then let’s make them colorful by painting some simple patterns on them. It could even be an assortment of hats. All you have to do is try out different arrangements on the floor, decide which one you like the best and then move it onto the wall. The more un-uniform the items are in size and color, the more stimulating and attractive the décor gets.

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With a plain and neutral wall for a backdrop you can get really imaginative. Just personalised wall art your imagination a little bit and you will witness a cold wall transforming into a cozy platform!