You may have learned the rainbow color order in grade school. This was your refresher course, and now knowing or remembering this will serve you to great use in your profession of balloon decorating at Balloon Company Dallas.

The 6 single arch rainbow tunnel comprises itself of 6 rows or 6 arches of balloons. 11 inch balloons are attached by means of plastic discs along outstretching curling ribbon. Each arch contains about 45 to 50 balloons per arch. Because each arch is inflated with helium the entire arch will begin to float. You need only to attach each end of the completed arches onto a rectangular brick base that has been pre-wrapped with aluminum foil.

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Each arch of the six arches will have balloons of the same color but of a different color from the arch adjacent to it. The secret is in knowing the color order or the 6 color steps to create this balloon tunnel.

The 6 Color Steps To Create A Rainbow Arch Tunnel

  1. R
  2. O
  3. Y
  4. G
  5. B


  1. P

If you stretch out this 1 through 6 columns horizontally, you will spell the name:

R O Y G. B I P

This is your acronym for the perfect color order combination. Let’s take a look at it again, but this time we will fill in the 6 color names:

  1. R – Red
  2. O – Orange
  3. Y – Yellow
  4. G – Green
  5. B – Blue

I – Indigo

  1. P – Purple

The 6 single arch rainbow tunnel comprises itself of six principal rainbow colors with each single row or arch being different solid color in a specified and unchangeable order. (These are all 11-inch, helium-filled, latex balloons.)

  • The first row is all ruby red balloons.
  • The second row is all mandarin orange balloons.
  • The third row is all citrine yellow balloons.
  • The fourth row is all standard dark green.
  • The fifth row is all sapphire blue.
  • The sixth and final row is all quartz purple.

The next time you see a real rainbow or a picture of a rainbow, you will notice that is has the same color order. You may notice that I included the color Indigo in the middle of Blue and Purple. You may ignore indigo for our purposes; the “I” serves and a nice vowel to form the word “BIP”.