If you’re intrigued by the new trend for CBD products in wellness and natural health, you might be wondering how you can best sample its benefits. There are so many different choices for how can take your CBD and products are available from so many different sources, from high street shops to online brands like Dayzed, CBD can feel overwhelming.

Why Take CBD

The first step towards making a good decision about how you’re going to take CBD (or, to unpack that initialism, Cannabidiol) is to identify why you want to take it. While clinical studies are still in their early stages, lots of people are talking about how CBD products have helped them with pain relief, with depression and anxiety management and with combating insomnia and encouraging deep sleep. Companies like eco-equity are also working hard to produce some top quality crop for the export to medical and scientific purposes.

Some early studies are also producing evidence CBD has a very direct anti-inflammatory effect, and could be helpful with conditions where inflammation is a cause or symptom of the problem such as arthritis.

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You should also think about how you experience the issue that’s making you interested in CBD: is it acute or chronic? Do you have a low grade pain that persists all day that you need to manage or is it a sudden and intense sensation that strikes for a brief time? All this is valuable data that helps you make your decision.


The most direct way to take Cannabidiol is to take a dropper of oil infused with the compound under your tongue – sublingually. You can choose oil at different concentrations, and take more or less of it to control your dose, depending on your own tolerance and the intensity of the condition you are trying to manage.

This is a good way to take CBD if you are trying to manage an acute condition: the oil is absorbed quickly by your body and you control the dosage, so you can take a strong dose when you need it and it will get to work quickly. The amount and speed with which it is absorbed is called ‘bio-availability’. Acute conditions are best managed by methods that have a high bio-availability.


When you drink CBD tea – whether you buy special CBD teabags or add some of the oil to a cup of normal tea – it’s important to remember to add milk. CBD is a lipid – a fat-based molecule, which means it dissolves in fat but not water. Adding a fat to your tea (butter works too) helps you absorb more of the active compound.

If you’re trying to manage a chronic condition like ongoing pain or anxiety that’s present throughout the day, a tea is a good way to build CBD into your routine, ensuring you have a regular dose. If you’re trying to fight insomnia, the ritual of making tea may itself help to calm to you and relax you ready for a good night’s sleep.