Planning permission involves seeking approvals needed by the authorities to construct or do the expansion of either a residential or commercial building. It is also called developmental approval, building permit, or construction permit depending on where you come from.

Planning permission is an initial stage in a building project that involves a couple of activities. It deserves the expertise of a professional consultant and architects who suit the role perfectly. After all, some of the activities such as planning permission drawings are their professional role.

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Today, many architectural firms offer planning permission services for a fee, which is something that you should seriously consider. Here are important things you should know about this stage.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

The need for planning permissions varies depending on many things, but mostly, your state. You can check if your project requires planning permission from the local government website. You will need to make an application for approvals if you are doing the following:

  • Constructing a new building
  • Making changes such as the expansion of your building
  • Changing the use of your building

Services Offered by Planning Permission Experts

As mentioned, an architectural firm is suitable to help you with the planning permission process. Humphreysandsons, an experienced architectural firm in the UK, offers several services at this stage to make sure that you get approvals. Together with others like them, here is what they commonly offer:

  • Site survey and design proposals – Even though a client might have a drawing or idea of what they want, a professional architect will need to make a site survey and make a proposal of what is best for you. Before they make the drawing, several meetings are held with the client to agree on the appropriate drawing.
  • Planning permission drawings – When the architect sits down to make the drawings, the main focus will be to meet the desires and needs of the client while meeting the authorities’ standards. These drawings will be part of the support documents needed during the application process.
  • Gathering documents – Apart from the drawings, there are several other documents that are needed by the authorities during the planning permission application. Professional architects know all the needed documents and they will gather them for you. They will also process any agreements you might need.

How to Apply for Planning Permission

With an experienced expert by your side, you will have an easy time going through this process. The experts will help you gather the needed documents, and now, they will make the application for you.

With the advancement of technology, you will most likely make an online application through a government portal. The process might be long, but the expert will take you through it to make sure all details are correct. And of course, avoid errors that will cause rejection.

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Supportive document attaching is crucial. All requested documents should be uploaded in the right format. Otherwise, they might not open on the other side, causing a delay in your application or even rejection.


When the application is successfully made, you will need to wait for approval and proceed with your project. However, revisions might be necessary, especially if there are missing documents. But your architect or consultant will take care of this.