If you use power tools, then you will love having an air compressor. It can power all of your tools and enable the simultaneous use of different tools. Work will be effortless and easy.

Factories and plants use air compressors. Workers can manufacture goods with multiple tools functioning at once, but that doesn’t mean that its too much for your garage.

Quite the contrary, more and more homes are installing air compressor for their garages. The compressor increases work productivity and gives you more options.

Craftspeople use air compressors to optimize work. Furthermore, people who are good at mechanical work make good use of it, too. If you fit into these categories but don’t have an air compressor, we will help you find one.

We are going to show you how to install an air compressor in your garage. With this knowledge, you can make your garage into a production-worthy workstation. To get the best air compressor for your garage, click here.

Air Compressor Specifications

There are many air compressors out there, and they don’t all follow the same standard of specifications. The following terms will help you understand your machine.


CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It measures the air production of a compressor. The tools that you use have certain CFM measurements that your air compressor has to meet. This is an important aspect that you can’t overlook while buying an air compressor.


PSI stands for pounds per square inch. The PSI requirements for tools vary. For this reason, you should match PSI when buying an air compressor.


Horsepower measures the output of an air compressor. It’s an old measure that dates way back, so a lot of consumers expect horsepower on air compressor specifications.

Tank Volume

This refers to the capacity of the air compressor, or in other words, how much compressed air it can hold. The higher the tank volume the better.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the time that an air compressor can work in a period at 100PSI. Temperature affects the duty cycle.

Air Compressor Installation

By now, you have matched your tools with air compressor specifications. The installing air compressor is what you have to attend to next.

First, pick the right spot to place your air compressor. Make sure that it’s not in the way of workflow. Also, figure out the space that the tools and workstation will take.

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Next, pick the right hose and the right length. You also have to get the fittings or attachments.

Also, you will have to get an isolator to put your compressor in. This will lessen the noise and shaking.

Picking The Right Hose

You need around fifty feet of hose, depending on the size of your garage. You should get more than what is necessary. Also, get one that can handle 150 PSI or more.

Placing Filters

You should place filters in your compressors so that moisture does not get in and your motor might pass on oil into your air tank. The filters will prevent that too.

If you are doing tasks like sanding or painting, water passing through the filter could spoil the project, so place the filter at the air outlet. This will prevent condensation and lubricants from passing through.

Installation of Dryer or Separator

You need to install an air dryer and separator to protect your air compressor from fluids. Both dryers and separators link up to an airline.

Check Air Supply

Finally, you have to ensure a good air supply. Make sure that the air is going to the right places. Fluent air distribution is essential for functional tools. You can do this with the hose that you bought. It should be flexible and resistant to abrasion.

After Installation

If you want a basting cabinet installed, get a shut-off valve and a tee fitting. If you have painting work, get a hose reel. These will give you freedom of movement.

Now that you have a functional air compressor, you should get yourself some compatible tools. There are many tools that you can use with your new air compressor.

A Few Tools Compatible to Air Compressors

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders make sanding jobs easy. It moves randomly in circular directions, so there is no mark formation. You can smoothen a rough surface ten times faster than you can with sandpaper. The orbital sander saves you from a lot of physical pain.

Socket Ratchet and Wrench

Wrenches are hard to use and cause a lot of physical pain and stress. You can do the same work with a wrench that runs on air without any effort.

Ratchets that run on-air come with a lot of sockets assorted by size. Getting these tools will lessen the load on you.

Air Hammer

An air hammer is an automated hammer that does not need any effort from your part. It is a must-have for craftsmen and sculptors.

Grease Gun

A grease gun helps you grease machinery for corrosion protection. The right amount of grease is hard to nail, but with a grease gun compatible with your air compressor, that is not the case. It’s wonderful for engines and difficult to reach spots.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder will help you cut through metal sheets. People stuck in vehicles got out with the help of this tool. The angle grinder is a very powerful tool that can cut out metal designs. Get one if you need to, but do be careful with it.


An air compressor is a great addition to your garage. It will enable simultaneous work by powering multiple tools.

Before you installing air compressor, first get to know the specifications. Know what CFM and PSI are. Also understand duty cycle and horsepower, not to mention tank volume.

During the installing air compressor, pick the right hose. Make sure the hose is durable and flexible.

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Next, you should place filters so your compressor is safe from condensation and oil leaks. Also, install dryers and separators. Finally, check the air supply.

There are a lot of tools that you can use now that you have your air compressor installed. Some of them include orbital sanders, socket ratchets, wrenches, air hammers, and grease guns.

Optimize work for maximum production with your air compressor. Your work life is about to get a whole lot easier and fun.