Winter is wreaking havoc across the UK, from shorter days, to flooding and frosty mornings. While we have far less opportunity to enjoy our gardens, it’s still important to prepare as best you can. In doing so, you’ll have less to worry about next year when the sun starts shining again.

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Read On For Some Best Advise To Prepare Garden For Winter:

Remove Weeds

Weeds grow at a rapid rate, are unsightly and steal nutrients and water from the soil and other surrounding plants. While weeding isn’t necessary a top priority, it’s worth removing them now so that by the time summer comes around, you’ll have less to deal with. Since the soil should be fairly moist due to all the winter rain, the weeds should be easier to remove.

Add Topsoil to Your Lawn

Unfortunately, the harsher weather of winter causes the soil to lose many of its vital nutrients. This is where topsoil comes in; the fresh layer will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your grass needs to make it through to spring. Many suppliers will have the topsoil delivered directly to your home so that you don’t have to lug it around.

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Protect Your Fence

If there are any low hanging branches near your fence, it makes sense to move them before it’s too late; if they fall, they could cause some costly damage. You should also clear away any leaves or debris that might have collected at the bottom of your fence, as they collect moisture and may result in decaying fence panels. Finally, you should treat your fence to a form of wood care or preservative.

Store Away Your Garden Furniture

Give your garden furniture a quick clean and store it away for a winter from Absolute Koi, otherwise it will become damaged during winter. Even the manufacturers who claim their furniture is “weatherproof” shouldn’t be completely trusted, and since furniture is expensive, it’s not worth the risk.