What type of wedding do you want? Do you dream of the classic fairytale wedding, complete with meringue dress and a horse-drawn carriage?

Or would you prefer to avoid a big fancy wedding and would much rather have a quickie wedding at your local registry office and then off to the pub for a couple of drinks after?

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There are pros and cons to both types of wedding, of course, but here we’ll look at the advantages of a quiet wedding.

The advantages of a quiet wedding

There are plenty of advantages to having a quiet wedding. How quiet is quiet though? That’s up to you. A wedding can be as small and quiet as you like – for example, for a truly no-fuss wedding, there’s nothing to stop just the two of you and a couple of witnesses turning up for the formalities at a registry office.

But if you weren’t thinking of having a wedding quite that small, then here are a few of the good aspects of keeping the numbers down.

A small wedding is cheaper

You might not actually care about the cost but put the word ‘wedding’ in front of anything and you’ll be paying a premium. Wedding cake, wedding venue, wedding caterers… you get the picture.

A smaller wedding is undoubtedly a lot cheaper, there’s no getting away from that. Fewer guests means less food, a smaller venue and possibly a smaller cake (although there’s no such thing as too much cake).

A smaller venue doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be as fabulous though. There are plenty of amazing wedding venues that cater for small weddings as well as large ones.

You’ll get to talk to your guests

At a large wedding with hundreds of guests, there’s absolutely no way you’ll get to talk to everyone. Some of your guests might have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to be at your special day and they don’t even get to say hello to you.

You won’t have this problem at a small wedding. At a small wedding, you’ll be able to spend time with all your guests.

You can leave people off the guest list

With a small wedding, you can leave off people you’d rather not have at your wedding without fear of offending anyone. So, if you’ve got distant cousins who will only get drunk and start letching over the bridesmaids if you invite them, you can tell them you’ve got to keep the numbers down and they won’t think twice about it.

Your guests won’t be bored

Small weddings are far more fun for everyone. At a big wedding, your guests will be standing around for hours while you ponce about getting photos taken at every possible angle at every possible location at your venue.

Then there’s the line-up of the guests who stand there patiently while you go along the line shaking hands or giving a quick peck on the cheek as you say hello and thank them for coming.

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This is boring for everyone, not just the guests, so you can do away with all that nonsense at a small wedding.

These are only a few advantages of a quiet wedding and of course, there are downsides to a quiet wedding too, but if you’re looking for a hassle-free, stress-free day that allows you to simply enjoy your day with your closest friends and family, then a small wedding is the way to go.