Tow trucks provide a vital service on Australia’s roads. When a car gets into difficulty, it is often the job of a towing service to come to the rescue and pull the car to safety. There are many different situations in which tow trucks are a perfect solution. Some of these situations may seem more obvious than others.

The towing service from Executive Towing Services is cost-effective and extremely professional. Read this guide to learn about all the different ways in which tow trucks can be used to solve problems.

Pulling Cars to The Garage

The first of a tow-truck is to pull cars to the mechanic’s when they have broken down or been damaged after a crash. Hire a professional towing company in Perth if the worst happens and a breakdown occurs. It should also be noted that a car should not be driven any further if it has overheated. Driving an overheated car can cause a large amount of damage to the engine. Always keep the number of a tow truck handy so that the company can be called extremely quickly without any hassle.

Pulling Cars Out Of Mud or Quicksand

Cars can become stuck in mud or quicksand if they are driving along the coast or in the countryside. Both mud and quicksand can cause car wheels to become firmly lodged in the ground. If this happens, remember not to rev the engine because this can cause the wheels of the car to sink faster. Instead, call a truck to pull the car out of the quagmire. Tow trucks have extremely robust bumpers which allow them to pull heavy weights that have become stuck fast.

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Transporting Multiple Cars From Place To Place

Flatbed tow trucks with multiple levels can be used to transport large quantities of cars from city to city. This is especially useful for people who run a car showroom run a car showroom and want their newest cars delivered in a way which is economic and safe.

Pulling Cars So That They Can Be Jump-Started

Sometimes a car battery will run into some problems, making it difficult to start the car. If this happens, then it could be a good idea to call Perth tow truck services to pull the car along whilst the driver attempts to start the car. Hopefully, this will work and the car should be able to start – if it does not then the car should be taken to a mechanic so that it can be fully fixed.

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Pull Nuisance Trees Out of The Ground

Tow trucks can be used to pull trees out of the ground. Which is useful if the trees are causing an obstruction or leaning dangerously towards a house. It is important that as many branches are cut off the tree as possible to prevent them. Snapping off whilst the tree is being ripped from the ground.

Tow trucks truly are the heroes of the road. This guide explains why.