Are you planning a weekend away in one of the many cities across the country? Perhaps you’re planning to move away from your hometown for work or university, and are wondering where might be the best area to settle in quickly? A lot of people have misconceptions about their neighbouring and rival cities, and even more so against cities that are at the other end of the country.

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Why not take a look at the following list, outlining some of the friendliest areas in Britain.


Liverpool is a city with a more-than-welcoming aura. An extremely high-ranking city in many of the most positive lists, the ‘scousers’ that reside in the area are a welcoming bunch.

To add to the friendly nature of the city, Liverpool is also becoming an increasingly promising and opportunistic city to live in. The positive and vibrant personality of the locals is being matched with investment and developmental prospects. And, there is an increasing number of young professionals looking to work in the city in its emerging digital sector.

Property investment companies such as RWinvest are at the forefront of the growing trend and are preparing investors and tenants alike for the positive future. Not only is the area one of the friendliest to live in, but it is also the most lucrative.


Nottingham has repeatedly been reported as one of the nicest areas to live in the UK. Known for its famous castle and surrounding Robin Hood folk legend, the city is said to have both a strong sense of community and a neighbourly vibe. Which seems quite fitting when thinking about the modus operandi of the heroic crusader.

In a study done by mobile network Giffgaff in an attempt to find the 10 friendliest cities in the UK, Nottingham came out on top, lauded by voters for its sense of community spirit and for simple acts of neighbourly kindness, such as looking out for each other’s parcels when the other isn’t in, and chatting with one another in passing over the garden fence.

Interestingly, only three of the ten cities in this friendly list are from the south, perhaps indicative and supportive of the somewhat stereotypical narrative that people are friendlier up north than they are in the southern cities.


The Welsh coastal city of Swansea might not have one of the strongest football sides in the country. But, it offers a seemingly viable alternative for those looking to move thanks to its living standards and friendliness.

Its idyllic locales and picturesque views in some areas are no doubt one of the main contributing factors to its residents’ general resounding happiness. Evidently, this has a knock-on effect on local people’s amiable personalities, and according to the ‘Unbroken Britain’ report, the city takes the number one spot for being the most welcoming, friendly, and trustworthy. It is also up there as one of the safest, and one of the politest.

The most unfriendly place to live in the UK

Taking a look at the opposite side of the coin, London, despite its overwhelming opportunities, premier attractions and global influence, is one that comes up in a frequently negative light.

The stereotype upheld by many in British society that surrounds London is one of a negative and drab city. In which people trawl around with their headphones in and heads down towards the payment. Many reports and studies suggest that people experience feelings of depression and loneliness in the big city. In spite of a massive population and constant interaction. It is worth noting that this phenomenon is experience in many cities around the country and world and is not just an issue that arises solely from London.

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This shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting or moving to the capital, as it is a pivotal part of the country and somewhere you should surely visit. Although, it seems that certain pockets of the city could be more beneficial for mental wellbeing than others. It is also important to consider your reasoning for being in London, and the social circles that you surround yourself with.

Remember – largely, Friendliest areas in Britain remains a healthy to live, regardless of your area. Studies suggest that eight out of 10 people in the country are happy with their communities, and believe they work well. Try not to be one of the outlying two!