If you’re wondering what trends in architecture you’re going to see in 2020 home design, we have you covered. With primary focuses on the natural world and the preservation of our climate, a lot of architecture trends for 2020 highlight technology-focused living.

Look Here 10 Architecture Trends For 2020:

1. Compact Living

With large living space hard to find in big cities, new home design trends are making living in small spaces easier and more spacious. The introduction of multi-functional furniture, as well as built-in storage, has made living in smaller spaces more comfortable. With the ability to fold away a dining table or bed into a cupboard in the wall, allowing more space in your home when you’re not using these furniture staples.

2. Invisible Architecture

A New York-based architectural company STPMJ has created an architectural project called ‘Invisible Barn’, a project focused on merging architecture into nature. The building is made of wood and covered completely in a reflective sheet helping the building merge into its woodland setting. This piece is just one of many architectural projects you will see in 2020 focusing on allowing you to focus on your surroundings.

3. Environmentally Focused Architecture

With climate change becoming a more pressing issue than ever. You will be seeing a lot of architecture that is concentrate on ensuring their materials are sustainable. And, that construction does not damage the environment surrounding the building as well as using technology to allow the building to be self-sufficient as well as energy-efficient using solar panels and other alternative energy sources.

4. Recycled Materials

The use of recycled materials is becoming more mainstream in the construction industry. Not only are new buildings being designed with recycled materials in mind. But, architects are also finding new and modern ways to turn old spaces and materials into new, vibrant projects.

5. Glass Rooms

A current trend that will follow us into the new year is glass rooms. Rooms with a glass floor and glass walls are becoming more popular for not only two-story apartments but also in newly built modern homes, whether its a bathroom or an upper floor sunroom.

6. Inclusive and Accessible Designs

With the rise of awareness of those who are disabled or have specific needs. Architects are designing projects that are more inclusive to a wider range of people as well as accessible designs for those need easier access to different areas of the building.

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7. Automation in Everyday Life

Technology is becoming undeniably more important in our everyday lives more than ever and by the looks of things, this won’t be slowing down. Architects are keeping technology in mind when designing new projects, merging technology into our normal everyday lives from the moment. We wake up to a fresh cup of coffee to the moment we go to bed with our automatic wind down lighting.

8. Multi-purpose Spaces

Not only are architects thinking of new ways to turn old buildings into modern havens. But, they’re also coming up with fresh ideas of how to turn your space into a multi-purpose area. This is brilliant for offices as they’re turning the traditional cubicle hell into a vast open creative space to boost productivity and aesthetic.

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9. Monocolours

You’ll be seeing a lot of white in 2020, taking minimalism to a new level with whole rooms and even whole projects in mono-colour. These projects are a look into the future with a sci-fi feel to the architecture and interior design.

10. Nature Centered Architecture

As glass rooms have become more popular so have other forms of architecture that allow people to view nature from inside. Whether, that is a glass room, glass ceiling or interesting glass walkways.