Air conditioning is not just for the home; it is a cost-effective way of cooling (or heating) your premises. It has many benefits for both corporate, general staff and customers, enabling your business to run comfortably all year round while remaining energy-efficient, boosting productivity and promoting employee well-being.

Here are just some of the reasons air conditioning are vital for your business in the modern age.

Seasonal Benefits

No matter the time of the year it has never been easier for businesses to make their staff and customers feel more comfortable when at work. There is a range of seasonal benefits that come with a professional air conditioning installation at your business’ premises. In the heat of summer, a cool space allows your staff to focus on their role and daily tasks while at work, rather than having to cope with heat exhaustion, lethargy and the stressful humidity. With cool air circulating around your working environment, employees will be far more at ease and are proven to be more productive day-to-day.

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For customers, a fresh environment makes browsing and purchasing decisions simpler as they feel more at ease in a healthy, crisp and professional business space. During winter, you can make use of an inbuilt heat pumping facility, ensuring employees and clients spend less time trying to keep warm and more time feeling cosy and staying busy.

Split system air conditioning can be remote controlled and fitted with a heat pump facility, meaning the system can run all year round. You are providing maximum comfort and optimal temperatures throughout your premises, with the bonus of built-in timers and controls so you can personalise the experience of your business environment.

BOXT are specialists in supplying and installing air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Whether you are a small business that needs a simple unit to keep one room cool, or you need multiple units to function across large premises, they can help you to find a suitable cooling solution to keep your employee productivity at an optimum level.

Evolved efficiency

Saving money and energy is a smart move for any business and today’s air conditioning units have evolved to become incredibly efficient. In the UK this efficiency is measured via the energy efficiency ratio (also known as EER), which compares the thermal units used to the watts required for use. Looking out for a high EER rating is a great way to get the best deal in the long term.

Many split systems help to reduce the amount of energy used and ensure you’re not wasting power. Multi-split system air conditioners have the added benefit of operating more than one indoor unit while remaining one of the most energy-efficient air-con systems around.

Well-being and productivity

UK studies have shown that up to one-third of office workers productivity significantly drops when they are subject to long periods of unstable temperatures, with the heat coming top of the list of workplace complaints. Performance is inexorably linked to work ethic, improving in the known thermal comfort zone between 20°C to 25°C.

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Air quality is increased by air conditioning, reducing the likelihood of coughs and colds in enclosed office spaces by purifying the air and removing airborne bacteria, fungus, dust and allergens, especially beneficial for staff and customers with respiratory and allergy issues.

Another frequent complaint about business premises is excessive noise disrupting work-flow, whereas with a silent operating air conditioning unit there is no concern of added distraction or stress for those using the environment.

Whatever your business needs, air conditioning is one of the best ways to put the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce at the front and centre of your focus.