If you are in thinking that is she/he really loves you or not then you may check these signs from his or her behaviour which are mentioned below:

#1. Wouldn’t Tell You to Brush Your Teeth:

This kind of joke is applicable when it is really a joke but when you can observe that the person is really avoiding you to kiss until you brush your teeth then you can observe that the person is not loved you as like you do him or her.

#2. Will Keep Remember Your Favourite Things:

When you in date with him or her so the person will automatically will take care of your favourite wine, food and colour or even for your favourite place like your favourite restaurants because the person really wants you to enjoy when you are with him or her.

#3. Will Introduce Friends:

Why you will not introduce that person who could be your life partner in future? Of course you will do because you also want to know your friends comments for that person and specially their opinion about your chemistry with that person.

#4. Consider You Rather then His/hers Friends:

When both parties are forcing him/her to spend his or her time with them like you and the persons friends called him/her for party or occasion and the person considers you rather than having time with his/her friend. This is a sign which you can notice to have answer of your question that is she/he really likes you or not.

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#5. Introduce His/hers Parents:

If the person really gives value to his/her parents then he/she will also let you introduce with his parents because she/he will notice your attitude regarding their parents that how you treats his or her parents.

#6. Wish You Greeting Day and Night:

If the person is really thinking about you and taking you serious to involve you in his life then he or she will always try to communicate with you through wish you greetings.

#7. You are Admirable:

The person will try his best to define you that he/she really loves you through telling you that your lips, hairs, eyes and smile is really beautiful. This is another sign that the person is trying to telling that the person is really liked you and you have need to think about that person too.

#8. Consider You:

If the person is not missing any chance to go with you at a long-drive, picnic or a long-tour then that’s another sign for you that the person also likes you and the person also want to spend some time with you whenever its possible.

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#9. Discuss With You:

If the person is going so busy in his life then the person will also try to tell you reasons behind this that what is happening with his life and what big decisions she or her try to do and what’s your saying regarding the cases. The persona also wants your seriousness when he discussing with yourself.

#10. Avoid Calls When You are Around:

You will found him or her switching-off his cell phone is interrupting. The person will give more value as much as possible because this person does not want you to get upset with him.


Above mention points are not fix for all kind of natures because some people would like to avoid you as he or she thinking that you don’t love him or you loved someone else so in that case the person will try to avoid you. To check these signs for any person, you have to tell him that you loved him and if you do not want to tell him before knowing his thoughts about you then you must give all these signs too. The above signs will also help him to know about your intentions.