For those with families the summer period is always one of the most expensive times of the year. If it is not a big family holiday leaving you out of pocket, then it is daycare for children, or expensive weekends out at theme parks and events. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way, as a few simple and common sense methods and schemes can end up saving you plenty of money. Here is a look at how to have a thrifty summer without spending too much on extravagances.

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Package Holidays

Savvy families have long known that the best value breaks out there are for package holidays. Paying for your hotel and your flight together, rather than individually, usually ends up costing less. Typically because travel agents will offer discounts to get you to book both elements of your break with them. So anyone heading out to the beaches of Spain or the islands of Greece should check out package deals, rather than look to build their own holiday. Similarly, if you can find all-inclusive deals then you will certainly be quids in. While all inclusive holidays usually cost a bit more in up-front fees. Because, they often offer all food, drink and excursions in the total price. You will find that you end up saving a huge amount of money once you are on your holiday. Instead of paying extortionate fees at resorts for buffet lunches and pool-side cocktails. You will find that, up to a point at least, they are complimentary.

Activity Camps

If you cannot afford a big family holiday to somewhere exotic then a cost effective way of taking a break. This summer is to send the kids off to summer camps. Many of Europe’s top camps for kids offer superb activities, from football, tennis and golf to rock-climbing, white water rafting and sailing. Elsewhere you are bound to find youth camp programs to suit your child. From acting and entrepreneurial camps to those that help work on your child’s foreign language abilities or musical skills. These inexpensive and value for money camps in pristine locations such as Tignes in the French Alps let the kids get away for a while at a low cost. Letting you have a bit of me-time, and even a chance for a couple’s retreat somewhere in the country.


It may sound a bit boring but in these financially insecure times the ‘Staycation’ is the latest big trend in travel. By staying at home and treating your own area as a tourist would you will find that you save tonnes of money. Miss out on the stress of overseas travel and get to spend more money on things like excursions, fancy restaurants and nights out. As an added bonus you also get to sleep in your own bed. And not have to worry about getting up and ready before the hotel maids barge in!

Finding the Best Deals

You can also get more from your hard earned cash by being a bit clever when it comes to finding the best deals. Look around on price comparison websites, scour bulletin boards for the best deals, take advantage of special offers websites. And, if possible, book last minute to find bargain basement prices. If you can also time your holiday right you could also save money – instead of travelling as soon as the kids get out of school, wait until later in the summer when prices start to get reduce.