The history of Budapest dates back to millennia ago. Long before the Romans held the city, it was already under the hold of the ancient Celts. The longest occupation was by the Turks, who ruled one-third of Hungary for 150 years. After the Turkish occupation, Budapest and the rest of Hungary became partially independent though was still under Habsburg rule. Hungary became totally independent in 1989. All the turmoil that the country has experienced has centered mostly in its capital city of Budapest.

Each conquering nation has left an indelible mark in the city, which is apparent in almost every aspect of daily life. Despite being free from foreign rule for many decades, a lot of foreign nationals can still be seen loitering the streets of Budapest. Stag do events are probably among the biggest reasons for this modern-day foreign invasion. There are hundreds of establishments that offer to assist in activities that are specifically designed to make stag dos more fun and exciting.

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A Budapest stag do even can be as unusual as the party planners would want it to be. Aside from the usual rounds of drinks and beautiful women, they can also choose to add other fun activities such as:

  • Beer bike ride that would take the rowdy crowd around some of the most picturesque parts of the city.
  • A few hours of wrestling in the mud with two naked women. This is pretty self-explanatory.

The next time a friend is about to get married, it would be best to make the few remaining hours of his singlehood by booking an unforgettable Budapest stag do.

How To Behave in Budapest?

First and foremost do not do things during the stag weekend in Budapest that you wouldn’t do at home! Above that, respect the fact you are abroad in a foreign country that has its own culture and habits no matter if you like them or not! If you do so you will see they will respect the fact you are a tourist, their guest!

A little advice that is worth for considering:

  • Don’t drink alcohol on the street like outside a pub, next to a shop, etc.! It is illegal in Hungary!
  • Don’t disrobe the stag on the street or in any public area! In some part of England it is a tradition but this qualifies as indecent exposure in Budapest.
  • Do not look for a fight or if somebody picks on you don’t take up the glove, try to ignore it! Tussles are not common in Hungary but it doesn’t mean Hungarians can’t fight; besides you never know who you picked on or who has picked on you! That aside, however strong you are or how many there are of you, one thing for sure is there are more Hungarians around.

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  • Pay after each round in the bars! Don’t run a tab!
  • Stay together and don’t leave any members of your group behind in any night club!
  • Pay some tip (10% of the total bill) to the wait or bar staff! Even if you like the place and you want to stay there longer. It can ensure a better service!
  • Don’t use the streets as a toilet! Police might put you in jail without any question!
  • Avoid strip clubs unless your guide recommends it!
  • Don’t ask a taxi driver to recommend you a night club, strip club or restaurant! And don’t take their advice if they offer any without you asking!
  • If your guide is warning you about your behaviour take her/him seriously! She/he is local and she understands what going on around you!