Autumn is a momentous time to be in London as the atmospheric or weather condition becomes colder when compared to the just ended summer season. The autumn season is characterised by rainfall, certain tree leaves changes colour from green to gold, copper or russet red and also trees shed its leaves as seen in city’s parks and gardens.

The autumn is also a great time of the year to participate in so many events, festivals, feasts and so much more that leads to the end of the year. The famous Autumn International is a rugby event that you wouldn’t want to miss during Autumn and it would be great sporting event to attend. Here are some notable and essential events that you shouldn’t miss out on in this autumn season.

Harvest Festivals

Every year, city farms and community gardens at the Woodlands farm in Greenwich celebrate the “London Harvest Festival” where there is a horticultural display, animal show, craftworks such as metalwork and pottery as well as a lot of local meals and drinks. This event is free and there is no restriction for anyone that wants to attend.

Also, another festival that takes place once a year in London is the Sea Harvest Festival that is celebrated at St-Mary at Hill in Billingsgate. Here, fish sellers return for a thanksgiving service and also display wet fishes. This event is free.

Apple and Damson Harvest Festival

An old mansion in Herefordshire named Brockhampton replaces its fruit trees, orchards. This place houses a lot of damson trees and also species called Shrosphire prune that is peculiar to certain regions. During autumn especially in September, visitors are welcome to pick their own damon for a price of £3 per kilo while in October, the main attention turns to apples, where six pieces go for £1. In October, there is a cider making and apple pressing day, where 12 litres go for a price of £15.

Annual Events of Dorset’s Finest

With light blazing and lustering colourfully every October and early November at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, where parents, kids, friends, and family are invited to with their spooky decorative costume for the Halloween Family Fun Night which takes place at the end of October to the 2nd of November. So many exciting activities such as free face painting, creepy-crawly bug show, etc will be available. This is a marvelous place to celebrate Halloween.

Roald Dahl’s life Event and Adventures at Tatton Park

Tatton Park is a place where you can explore the life work of one of the most loved Britain’s children authors. The Tatton Park comes with so many amazing entertainments slated for different days. In September, families can enjoy a momentous picnic day with varieties of fun-filled activities and treats. Also, Halloween can also be celebrated in this park, welcoming kids and parents with their various spooky costumes and the aura of the event will be filled with eerie entertainment, crafty witchy mischief, and Roald Dahl’s frights.

The St. Leger Festival at Doncaster

The William Hill St Leger Festival is the oldest styled horse race festival in the world featuring horse racing, collection of music, arts, culture, and food. Right from its establishment in the year 1776, the St Leger Stakes has been one of the prestigious events hosted in Doncaster.

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Initially, the duration of this event was done within four days but as time went on, it was increased to a ten-day festival. This event celebrates 2000 years of Doncaster’s heritage and culture across the town every September, having over 200 events as well as race meetings. One of the fascinating views about the is the display of the camp set up by Roman soldier at Minster and the marching of these Roman soldiers through the town. Between 11-14 of September that is when the St Lager Stake begins.

Leicester’s Festival of Light is Top-notch

In October, the Belgrave Road area of Leicester is ablaze with sparkling lights where a party is hosted to open the Festival of Light. The program featured in this festival are theatre performance, marching bands, parades, craft activities, foods, and exhibitions, just to mention a few. This event is not limited to certain persons but all races, faith come together to participate in the festivities, cultural celebration and many more on Diwali Day. There is also music performance, lots of Bollywood dances, fireworks, exotic fashion and of course a street party that has never been seen before.

The Unimaginable at St Annes

There are varieties of entertainment for kids of all age such as face painting, market stalling, etc. In St Annes, the skies above the beach will be filled with arrays of thrilling colours and kites of different sizes and colour. The St Annes International Kite Festival can be attended by all and it is free. You will have a panoply of flying cows, hippopotamus, dogs flying above you with a huge octopus that can be inflated. It is a nice scenery to witness!

Attend Sport Events

There is a lot of sport events that take place in the autumn such as Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, etc. If you are a lover of sport or you aren’t, these are events you ought not to miss because aside from the fun, there are so many people from around the world going to see those games, this gives you the opportunity to socialise.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Attending a Rugby Match (Autumn International)


  • Even when you are not a fan of the game or you don’t support opposition, try and applaud great gameplay from the opposition. Although, this can be hard to do, but the game of rugby is all about mutual respect of both teams.
  • Always smile and welcome fans of the visiting team. It is very important to acknowledge that fans who left their convenience and travelled down to see the game. These fans are very much like you because they attended the game as you did.
  • The game is all about entertainment, so try to always have fun even when your team is losing. You paid to watch the game. Enjoy the game as it comes.
  • Take a lot of snapshots of the game, especially when you are with friends, family make sure you take pictures of friends and family too. Reminiscing on those pictures with friends and family can be worthwhile and fun.

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  • Don’t allow your eyes to be fixed on your mobile phone. A lot of cash was paid to secure the seat you are on. Always try not to be distracted when you are watching the game.
  • Watch your words. Avoid using foul words because children and parents might just be around the corner who might be offended because of your words.
  • Always be supportive of your team even when they are not their best selves.
  • Make sure you don’t get up on important or dreadful moments of the game. People will be happy and very willing to allow you to pass the row during halftime or at the end of the game.