There are many things that you need to know before planning to fly drive in Canada. You need to gather important information like which areas to avoid, weather conditions and emergency numbers to ensure the best and safest vacations possible.

Here are a few tips for planning a fly drive holiday to Canada, Which might safe for your life.

Plan Your Route

Before arriving in Canada you must plan your route. It is very essential to do a little research before you travel. For instance, you must make a decision on where you would like to stay because the famous hotels and composites will be booked up earlier. You should make a list of main Canadian attractions and places that you may want to visit during your trip and map them out on your route to save time.

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Popular Driving Routes in Canada

As we all know that Canada is great especially for self driving holidays. Here is the list of some recommended routes for fly drive in Canada that must be on your list.

  • Calgary to Vancouver
  • Cabot Trail
  • Golden circle route in Yukon
  • The sea to sky highway

Precautions Against Petty Crimes

Unfortunately, such crimes are rising in all large cities around the globe. As, criminals believe that tourists are easy targets. So, they wander around tourist attractions and hotels. One must take all necessary precautions such as leaving the passport in the hotel safe and keeping the photocopy in pockets, keeping the luggage out of sight in cars and not to leave valuables behind, not even in the locked vehicle.

Keep An Eye on Weather Conditions

Canada is known for its intense changing weather conditions. It is recommended you keep a close eye on changing weather conditions. There are many mobile applications and websites to help you to track the weather like the weather network website. Especially in winters, be prepared for road closures due to snowstorm. Always ensure that your vehicle is equipped with quality tires.

ETA Visa

Make sure do you also need to purchase an ETA (Electronic travelling visa) because many nationalities need ETA to gain entry in Canada. It is not expensive and you can easily purchase ETA online.

Travel Insurance

No matter which country you originate from, travel insurance is recommended. Most of the insurance companies are offering an extra policy if you are travelling in a region like Canada where skiing and snowboarding is on the agenda. We know these are some very exciting and thrilling activities to do in a country like Canada but having an insurance plan could be a smart choice.

Bear Safety Measures

Mostly during summertime, black and grizzly bears are found in national parks of Canada. These bears are very dangerous. Keep your food products out of sight whenever you visit national parks. Always use airtight containers for storage and don’t forget to dispose of the garbage. Try to cook away from the camp sites. Do a little research on self defense against polar bears because they intentionally stalk humans.

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Hire a Perfect Vehicle

There are a number of websites from where you can hire a perfect vehicle for your road trip to Canada. Make sure your vehicle has a GPS system that will lead you throughout your trip in Canada.

Emergency Numbers

Last but not the least emergency numbers. You must keep all the important emergency numbers of the region you travel in. Canada and the US shares the same emergency number 911. In some areas you can also dial 311 for non emergencies. You can dial these numbers anytime.