Office Pods boost productivity, efficiency, and the environment.

Are you distracted by noise, having difficulty concentrating, or feeling restless?

The clock is ticking, and essential writing work is in progress.

It’s impossible to focus. Conversations with co-workers and others passing by in your peripheral vision frequently disrupt your train of thought.

You start reading news sites and social media practically unnoticed while waiting to refocus while listening to the colleague next door who is holding a phone meeting.

You become agitated and lose your ability to concentrate. Not even headphones and peaceful music will calm you down when the thrill is already in your thoughts.

Dedicated pods for quiet concentration or discussions increase workplace tranquilly and efficiency.

The body avoids stress and finds concentrating more straightforward when the working atmosphere promotes efficient work.

Modular pods are a simple and cost-effective solution for improving working conditions.

Considering where a pod will be put in the workplace is critical. Ideally, the number of pods should be proportional to the need and be located close to the workstation.

If the modular pods are quick and easy to access, their utilisation is simple and natural, and they are employed efficiently.

When proper conditions are provided for silent work that needs concentration, as well as phone conversations and remote meetings when loud voices are occasionally heard, the overall level of quiet in the workplace improves.

Choosing a modular pod based on user requirements

People work effortlessly, efficiently, and with great motivation when their work environment provides an appropriate workspace for specific tasks.

The setting must facilitate independent work by offering peace. Collaborative work spaces, on the other hand, stimulate debate, brainstorming, and creativity since that is what they are created for.

Conditions are rarely suitable for work that demands intense focus in an open workspace, where employees work separately, communicate with their colleagues, and possibly have meetings remotely.

Meeting room pods are a quick and easy way to improve workplace concentration. The user’s needs should guide the selection of a pod.

For example, we take phone calls in a dedicated pod, a quiet place for practical one-on-one work, or a tiny meeting space for brief meetings.

A modular pod provides a setting for efficient work, phone conversations, and cosy meetings or remote meetings in all of these circumstances. It allows for more silence in the office pod environment.

An office pod can be used for various purposes when located correctly in the workplace. A phone booth, quiet workspace, or chat room helps to keep the shared workspace tranquil by relocating jobs that may distract other employees to specified areas.

A well-located office pod boosts work motivation, efficiency, and productivity.

An office pod that fulfills employees’ acute workplace needs must be positioned in a way that makes it as accessible and convenient to access from employees’ workstations as possible.

When an employee’s phone rings, they should be able to see at a glance if a nearby phone booth is accessible and, if so, enter the booth swiftly to answer the call without bothering anyone in the surrounding work areas.

A sufficient number of strategically placed phone booths might also help to reduce unnecessary mobility around the site.

An uneasy mood is created by running back and forth and a hectic activity in hallways and around workstations.

When rooms allocated for remote meetings and phone calls are conveniently accessible from an employee’s workplace, there is less need for the employee to wander about the office looking for a spot to accept the call, and time is used more efficiently.

Remote meetings save several hours of productive work time each week by eliminating the need to leave the office to visit a client.

The time saved by the commute can subsequently be utilised for additional meetings; nevertheless, space in the workplace is required for a successful remote meeting.