Your garden is the most appealing part of your house. A good garden is not only a source of improved curb appeal but it is also a source of adding value to the house. It may sound easy but maintaining a garden and doing garden chores on a regular basis can be very difficult especially when you have a job and family to take care of. This is why there are gardeners who you can hire to take care of your garden in your stead. Easiest way is to search ‘gardening services near me’ for gardeners near you. However, you must be careful in choosing a person who you are giving the responsibility of your garden to.

Therefore, these are the essential questions you need to ask a gardener before hiring.

1. Ask About the Landscaping Knowledge

A gardener needs some certifications to get a job and that’s why you need to make sure if he has the knowledge about landscaping before hiring the gardener. Ask general questions about how he/she will manage the whole garden and the basic knowledge about plants and gardening tools. Certification in landscaping is required so that It has a more professional approach to the job.

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2. Ask Them About Waste Disposal

If you are having a garden work, there is bound to be a lot of waste material to be deposited and to be disposed of. Ask your gardener about this problem and whether they will take care of all the waste. Ask them beforehand and pursue them in having to take care of the waste so that it does not add up to your expenses of hiring a waste disposal truck or company.

3. Ask Them About Pest Control

If you really want to test how good a gardener is, you must check their problem-solving skills. Pest problems are very common in gardens and they are needed to be taken care of. A professional gardener should know how to tackle the situation and whether they know both traditional and organic methods of fertilization and pest control.

4. Ask About Legal Knowledge

There are a few rules and regulations for gardeners and lawn mowing services lawn mowing services that they need to follow. They must be aware of the laws like the gardener should bring their own tools and other gardening laws. Also, make sure that they have the license and insurance for any damage caused to your property.


5. Ask for Time Estimates

The final cost of the gardeners is heavily affected by the time it takes for them to complete the job. They usually get paid per hour so it is important that you are clear on their work time so that you can budget it accordingly. An experienced gardener may take less time but can charge more and vice versa.

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6. Ask for Quotes

The most important thing that can make or break a deal is the price. You must get garden quotes garden quotes several gardeners and then compare them to make up your mind. Different services cost different amounts and they also vary on the size of the area. You might want to give complete details to the gardener about the project to get a final quote for the job.