Standup paddleboarding (SUP) has taken the UK by storm as the new favourite summertime activity. A universal sport that almost anyone can participate in. It’s not just all about SUP racing or SUP surfing; there are a whole host of activities you can do on sup and a full range of SUP boards to do them on.

With options from traditional fibreglass SUPs to Inflatable SUP board, you can be sure there will be the perfect board to suit your activities and abilities!

Still not sold on the ideas of SUPing? Stand up paddleboarding offers such a wide variety of mental and physical benefits that other water sports can’t quite compete with.

Get A Full Body Workout When You Go SUPing

SUPing is a fantastic way to exercise your whole body while still having a blast!

Being out on the water forces you to engage muscles throughout your body to direct yourself on the board. With the proper paddle technique, your core is doing most of the work, with your arms acting as additional support as you trust yourself along the surface of the water.

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Your legs aren’t off the hook, though; they aren’t just standing there! They stabilise you on an unsteady board, so the muscles are constantly engaged and working to keep you on the board and not in the water.

You may not initially notice how much effort you put in, but the following day, you’ll know.

Who doesn’t want to have fun when they exercise!

Improve Your Balance with Stand-up Paddleboarding

Balancing on a paddleboard makes use of the muscles and joints in your feet and lower legs.

The great balancing act of SUPing fortifies those essential muscles for achieving stability and providing joint support. This is a unique characteristic of paddleboarding.

The effects of paddleboarding on your ability to keep your body in perfect alignment will be evident the second you get out on the water and is a skill you can transfer into other aspects of your life.

If you’re a beginner SUPer, wearing a life jacket will add a level of comfort as you find your footing. After some practice and possibly several dunks into the water, you’ll learn to find your centre.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Endurance with SUPing

Standup Paddle Boarding comes under the umbrella of aerobic exercise, and according to many experts, aerobic exercise is the most important part of physical fitness.

You can raise your level of cardiovascular endurance by doing exercises that increase your heart and breathing rates, which SUPing does both in a fun and engaging way.

Lowered risk of disease. Aerobic exercise reduces your risk of developing many diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Some types of cancer
  • Stroke

Release Your Stress with SUPing

Another way SUPing is beneficial to our health is by providing an environment to de-stress.

Taking a paddleboard out for a ride in the middle of a hectic lifestyle allows you to completely disconnect from worries and reconnect with nature and yourself.

For example, yoga on a paddleboard is a great activity for honing your inner and outer balance and gives you a new and exciting way to enhance all of your land-based yoga skills.

Engaging in an enjoyable and relaxing activity promotes the release of serotonin and endorphins that improve your mood and mental well-being. With the added benefit of doing, it outdoors, you’re in for a refreshing time.

Do Anything and Go Anywhere On Your Sup

Arguably one of the most appealing things about owning a standup paddleboard is the wide variety that it can offer you.

There are many different activities you can try on a SUP board and so many places you can use your board that the adventures are endless.

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Some of the possible activities you can partake in on your SUP include:

  • SUP surfing
  • SUP touring
  • SUP racing
  • SUP yoga
  • SUP polo

The possibilities are endless, so you can guarantee that you will be able to find an activity to suit your interest and abilities.