For those that aren’t familiar, the term link building refers to the process of having a link to your website on other websites throughout the net. This is done as a way to increase traffic to your site and as a way to build more authority for your site.

While the backend of how this works on Google’s can be a little complex, it’s undoubtedly an important factor in how you’ll be ranked in Google searches based on relevant keywords. The more links to your site, the more authority you’ll have.

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That’s just the start of how link building can help your business grow, and if you keep reading you’ll quickly be on the way to mastering the basics of link building and increasing your web traffic.

What’s So Important About This?

As mentioned, it’s how Google is going to rank you in the relevant searches. That might not seem dire at first glance, but think about the last time you made it to the second page of Google, let alone the bottom of the first page of results.

The more popular you seem, based on how many sites are talking about you, through link building, will tell Google you have authority on the subject and therefore should be ranked higher than similar sites without as much buzz around them.

Basic Strategies

There’s a few different ways to go about this all with the same goal of increasing the traffic to your site and giving you more authority through Google. If you want this done correctly, and quickly, going with an SEO agency and their link building services might be the right option for you.

They’ll be able to create content that will get linked around the internet all linking back to your site, creating buzz and references that people can return to. Another solid strategy, which still works through link building, is pairing your product with reviewers and influencers.

How that looks exactly will vary by industry/product, but in the sponsored content that’s created, there will be a link back to your own website driving both traffic and authority within Google’s search engine.

Another Way To Build Relationships

Whether you’re looking to do the work yourself or go through an SEO agency, another benefit at the end result will be that you’ve built more relationships with online personalities and complementary companies.

Through the link building process, you’ll be building long term relationships which will help in getting the reputation as a brand that’s trusted and respected throughout your industry.

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Link building itself is extremely important, and not to be understated, but do realize the importance of building long term healthy relationships through what started as link building.

That might be how you meet others in your industry, but a good relationship will turn into having another respected figure go to bat for you which is going to be just as important as a high spot on the first page of the relevant Google results.