As an individual, there times in this life we take actions based on the signs and warnings we receive. Below are some signs that will let you know it’s time you pay your dentist a visit.

When You Experience Pains

If you notice that your jaw or mouth hurt, it basically could be as a result of toothache. The presence of toothaches typically signifies a cavity, but toothaches sometimes indicate gum disease. In other cases, impacted tooth or an abscess are causes of toothaches. Once you discover you are having toothaches, it should be assessed immediately by a dentist to determine the cause and avert the dying of the affected tooth or teeth.

The Teeth Being Too Sensitive

You are likely to have sensitive teeth whenever your teeth hurt you as a result of taking hot or cold drinks or beverages. The possible causes of such sensitive teeth are worn enamel, fractured tooth, decayed tooth, exposed tooth root due to gum collapse or slump, and worn fillings. At this time, you are advised to visit a dentist for diagnosis and provision of treatment options. The treatment for sensitive teeth is based on the source of the problem.

Sore Gums

sore gums
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The presence of gingivitis can be known by sore or bleeding gums. It is normally the early and rescind-able stage of a gum disease, or it could be as the result of hard brushing or beginning of a new routine of teeth flossing. If you notice that your gum is regularly bleeding, and it’s getting you worried, we advise you schedule an appointment with your physician, or dentist to be sure if it is a sign of something else being wrong with you.

Halitosis or Bad Breath

Halitosis as it is called in America is same as bad breath. It can be caused by the foods and drinks we take into our body, irregular cleaning of our mouth, smoking or other kinds of medical circumstances or conditions. When you experience persisting bad breath, it could be a sign of gum disease. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing your teeth at least once daily stand to be vital ways of getting rid of bad breath, and brushing your tongue is also helpful. But if the bad breath persists and gets you worried, you can then visit a dentist for examination and provision of treatment plan.

Stained Teeth

In some parts of the world, stained teeth seem to be popular among the citizens. Over the time, you might be surprised to notice that one of your teeth or all of them are becoming stained or are changing colour. This is usually as a result of eating some certain foods and drinking some certain drinks such as tea or coffee. It can also be caused by factors like age, smoking, genetics, injury and particular medications. Whitening of the stained teeth is possible and it is recommended you visit a dentist for stain removal options.