Excited and eager to meet your new bundle of joy? As you get prepared to welcome your baby to this world, surely you will want to give the best. Elders and doctors are always our best guide to know about the dos and don’ts at this stage.

However, the first step is to take good care of you during pregnancy and avoid beauty products.

#1. Makeup Items to Avoid For Pregnant Women

There are some makeup items also that you must avoid during pregnancy for maximum safety and security of your child and you. Here we have talked about these beauty products that are an absolute no-no in prenatal period:

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#2. Anti-Acne Medicines:

If you have acne problem and has been using medications such as Retin-A or Accutane, it’s time to stop. These medicines are normally taken in a higher dose for better anti-acne effects; however it is also observed that anti-acne products can affect child birth badly. It is revealed through researches that these over the counter products can hamper the normal growth of your child badly.

#3. Retinoid Anti-Aging Lotion:

Secondly there’s many anti-aging moisturizers that have retinoid in it which are a completely no-no for expected moms. It is suggested by doctors and medical professional that you must not use any makeup product that has retinoid ingredient in it as it can result in birth defects for your child.

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#4. Strong Fragrance or Body Perfumes:

Thirdly, stay away from strong body fragrance available in the market, especially those having phthalates as prime ingredient. This chemical is recognized to have strong reaction on baby, resulting in different side effects and problem.

#5. Hair Removing Gels and Creams:

Opt out of those handy creams and gels that you used to avail for clean hair-free legs and hands during pregnancy. It is seen that the skin of women becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy period, thus resulting in problems.

#6. Cleanser with Salicylic Acid:

Another beauty products that pregnant mothers are advised by doctors to stay away from is cleansers and facial toners that has salicylic acid in it. This chemical is also used in other forms such as BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) which can add to pregnancy complications by leaps.

#7. Nail Polish and Hair Straightening Gel:

Another chemical ingredient that is observed in several ladies makeup items and is harmful for pregnant women is formaldehyde. It is widely found in nail polishes, hair straightening gels, artificial eye lashes and more.

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#8. Skin Whitening Creams:

For new moms to be it is advised not to use skin whitening and fairness creams as it contain chemicals such as hydroquinone and glutathione. These ingredients are harmful and can affect the enzymes, thus hampering your baby’s development.

#9. Sunscreen Lotion for Daytime:

Don’t use high dosed sunscreen lotions having oxybenzone at time of pregnancy in fear of allergic reaction to your child. Instead opt for non-greasy and mild products that are safe and without any side effects.

#10. Whitening Skin Lotions:

During pregnancy, do not try to use self-tanner or skin spray. These products comprise of an extremely harmful chemical named dihydroxyacetone, better known as DHA, which can complicate your kid’s DNA.

#11. Hair Dyes and Colors:

Let your hair down in its natural color during pregnancy; hair colors are stated to be chemically treated with various ingredients such as lead acetate which is dangerous for new born.

#12. Hair Washing Products:

Most often used in shampoos and hair cleansers, methylisothiazolinone is an anti-fungal agent which is also highly hazardous for expecting women and their child.

For maximum benefit and care of your child, remember that you must only use beauty products that are approved and suggested by your medical professional during the days of pregnancy.