Microdermabrasion is a new emerging trend in skin care that is replacing the anti-aging skincare. Many people prefer it to plastic surgery, skin lightening, Botox injections and chemical peels. The fact that it is cheaper makes it a darling for many people who have problems with their skins and want to enhance their looks. The other main advantage is that it can be performed in a salon, hospital or even at home. You only need guidance from a qualified and experience dermatologist.

The tricky part of the procedure is after the treatment. It involves an application of tiny but rough grains on the skin. These grains buff away the skin to clear the unwanted aspect. This has increased its popularity more so with the youths. Those on the media spotlight are opting for the procedure because it is easy and cheap.

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There are many things that you need to observe so as to have great results out of the procedure. It may take a minimum of ten days before your skin can heal. These ten days are the most traumatic days in the entire time of the procedure. There are further eight weeks that are required before the skin can get back to its normal color from the pinkish color that it takes after the procedure. The most important thing after the procedure is to follow your dermatologist directions to the later.

Steps to Follow Skincare After Microdermabrasion

#1. Listen to your dermatologist

After the procedure, a lot of care should be taken on the skin if good results are to be attained. A lot of literature is available on what one should do. Some friends will also offer you all kinds of advice. This should not blindfold you. It is only your dermatologist that understands what your skin requires. He is the only best-suited person to give you the accurate information.

#2. Use Anti-Inflammatory Creams

After the skin procedure, you may feel like you skin is swollen. You will feel like your skin has flare ups. You will need to use anti-inflammatory products. Remember that your skin is very fragile at such times and you need to take great care. You cannot just apply any skin products that you come across. You need to stick to the products that your dermatologist has prescribed for you. These creams may at times differ from the ones used in best natural skincare and skin lightening.

#3. Keep Your Hands off the Treated Skin

After the procedure, you will have a lot of urge to touch your skin. Most of the time you will feel as if the skin is burning and you may want to touch. You should, however, resist as much as you can from touching your treated skin. Remember that it is very delicate and even a slight touch may scratch or pick your skin and end up affecting the results.

#4. Embrace Darkness

This does not mean that you remain locked up in your room for as long as you can You should, however, do as much as you can to keep off from direct sunlight. UV light may negatively affect the healing time of your skin or skin lightning. If you have to go out wear the sunscreen that is prescribed to you by your dermatologist. For those people that work in places that are not covered, they should consult with their dermatologist so as to get the best advice on how to treat their skin and prevent the adverse effects.

#5. Minimize the Use of Skincare products

As said above, you should avoid disturbing your skin. This includes making minimum use of skin products unless ones prescribed to you by your dermatologist. This is because as you apply these products, you will disturb the skin that is already in the healing process. This will implicate the healing process negatively. It may also affect the expected results.

#6. Cool Down Your Skin

Sometimes you will feel like your skin is sore or like it is burning. You can help to minimize these effects by flashing cold water on your skin. You can also use a cube to massage your face. This will cool your skin and massage your muscles. The massage and cooling help your skin to relax and enhance the healing process.

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#7. Seek Help

Your skin will need a lot of attention after the procedure more than the best natural skin care. You need to take great care so as to achieve good results. Due to the extensive care required you need to keep on accessing the progress of your skin. The eight weeks needed for your skin to get back to normal may seem like ages. Most people may develop a lot of complications that may affect the healing process. This will be characterize by increased sensitivity and swelling. You may also experience some pain even after the fifteenth day. This should raise some alarm. You need to seek help in case you experience such symptoms.


The above issues need to be observe keenly so as to be sure of positive results. Unlike anti-aging skincare, the procedure can be performed by anyone irrespective of the age.