It’s a dream of every lady to lose all the additional pregnancy pounds after the baby delivery. Every lady wants to reduce weight after the pregnancy but it’s not very simple. Coming back to the pre-baby body quickly is easy for those ladies who put on average pregnancy weight but for those ladies who put on abundance weight, it’s very difficult. This excess fat originates from breast tissue, blood supply, enlarged uterus, fat stores.

Most of the ladies lose around 12 pounds during delivery but it depends upon the size of new baby & exact weight of amniotic fluid and placenta. But there are a lot of things you can do to get back in your shape again. Here are few tips to follow to achieve your body back:

Here are few tips to follow to Reduce Weight After Pregnancy and achieve your body back:


Breastfeeding helps in getting in shape very effectively. It burns around 600 calories in a day. It’s best for baby as well as for moms. But if you are doing this, you need to give all important nutrients and essential supplements to your body because restricting too much calories can reduce milk production and instant weight loss can discharge and release toxins that can reduce milk supply.

Balanced Diet:

After delivery, any woman cannot go on dieting but it’s important and necessary to eat healthy whatever they are selecting to eat. The diet should be very well balanced and it must include vegetables, fruits, milk, lean meat etc. The milk and dairy products should be of low fat. your snacks should include fruits & vegetables rather than biscuits, chips, berries, Apples, bananas, oranges, pepper strips, carrots, etc are good snacks as they are low in fats and rich in vitamins and fibres.

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Plenty of Water:

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. It flush out the additional and extra fat from body and helps in weight reduction. After delivery urine of few women is yellow and that’s the indication of dehydration. Drinking water will refresh the body and will reduce dehydration.


Regular exercise with a healthy diet is the best mix and combination to reduce the extra pounds. It helps in losing weight rather than muscles. You can begin with some gentle and simple exercises like pelvic floor exercises, walking, jogging, stretching, yoga, swimming, cycling, etc. Apart from these, exercise can be done with baby also. You can take your child for walk in push chair or in pram based exercise classes.

Practice yoga:

The Correct Yoga asanas, For Example, pranayama will help you to burn fat and lose weight earlier than you actually thought. You can join a yoga class if required and start with basics. Yoga is beneficial for physical as well as mental health. Yoga can motivate you enough to exercise and lose those extra pounds you gained during your pregnancy.


It’s is very necessary for all the mothers who want to get in shape. You can not lose your weight immediately or you can not decrease your pounds overnight. It takes time and if you try to lose the weight very fast then it will affects milk production. So keep patience and you’ll get back into your shape soon.