As parents we all want to fill the summer holidays with fun and happy memories. However, it is important to remember that this doesn’t have to mean expensive holidays or action packed days out; you can have plenty of fun over the summer in your own home and garden. Furthermore you can keep on top of your child’s learning whilst doing these fun activities.

Here are 5 great ideas from an Independent Sixth Form in London on fun and educational things to do during the summer holidays…

  1. Play games together as a family

From board games to role play, playing games with your children can be both fun and educational. Games can be used to develop new skills or test your child’s knowledge. Card games, for example help to develop counting and strategy skills, and board games improve problem solving and concentration. The best part about playing games is that the whole family can join in and have fun together. If your child prefers online gaming, you could help them to download some new educational games to their iPad or computer.

  1. Encourage your child to help in the garden

Gardening is a fun and inexpensive way for children to learn about nature. Studies show that children perform better academically when they are involved in outdoor learning; and activities like growing your own vegetables can also help children to develop an interest in healthy eating.Encourage your child to spend more time in the garden over the summer, observing wildlife and helping to plant seeds. Children will enjoy caring for their plants and watching the flowers, fruits and vegetables grow.

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  1. Cook a new recipe together

How about trying some new recipes over the summer holidays? Give your child a recipe book and let them choose a meal to make for the family. Cooking with your child will help to develop maths and coordination skills and it can also encourage more adventurous eating. Help your child to explore new ingredients by smelling herbs and spices, and getting hands on with the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to get messy, let them crack the eggs and knead the dough. This will make it much more fun and enjoyable for your child.

  1. Plan some fun days out

Whether you’re going away on holiday this summer or staying local, try to include educational trips into your plans. This could include visiting museums, art galleries or historical landmarks. You could even visit a local food market or craft fair. This will give your child many new experiences to learn from and plenty of lasting memories.

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  1. Keep a summer diary

Finally, don’t forget to encourage your child to keep a diary of your summer fun. Perhaps you could buy them a brand new diary at the start of the holidays to keep them motivated. Keeping a record of your fun family activities will not only improve their writing skills, but it will also give your child a head start when they return to school. Their new teacher is bound to ask them what they did over the summer holidays!