Is your child ready to explore the content available on the internet?

Being a parent, you might never consider it appropriate or safe for your child to let them freely explore the various sites accessible on the internet. These days, every other kid wants to own a personal smartphone and to enjoy an unrestricted, uninterrupted digital life. They literally beg their parents to let them have smartphones.

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While it may completely be a parent’s own understanding that whether their child is mature enough to enjoy Internet privileges or not, here are a few things parents need to teach their kids:

1. Be Compassionate

When tweens and teens use social sites or messaging apps, they often don’t consider the depth of their own words. Make your child realize that if they cannot say something on a person’s face, they shouldn’t say it via text messages either. Parents need to instruct their kids to be compassionate while using online means of communication because often, a simple message gets interpreted as a harsh one by the receiver.

2. Don’t Treat the Internet as a Weapon

Many teenagers upload photos of their peers without their consent to make fun of them. What children need to realize is that anything posted on social media can be misunderstood or manipulated in several different ways. Therefore, children need to think twice before saying anything online. Kids usually respond as an impulse without giving much consideration to their actions. It is a parent’s duty to make sure their child doesn’t treat the internet as a weapon to behave venomously with other kids.

3. Don’t Trust Everyone

A photo or information once revealed in cyberspace continues to stay in cyberspace. Your child may think that they are sharing their pictures with a single recipient, but there is no guarantee to the fact that people not intended to see those pictures can easily become an audience. Make your child understand that they should never share any photo digitally, which can later turn into an embarrassment for them.

With these teachings, parents are suggested to take help from internet filters offered by specialized apps such as FamilyTime App. Here is how these internet filters can help parents!

How can FamilyTime internet filters be helpful for parents?

Considering the tech-influenced era we live in, parents need to have complete control of their online exposure. Here internet filters can be of great help for parents. Using advanced apps such as FamilyTime, parents can:

  1. View the list of bookmarks and favorites saved on their devices
  2. Monitor the web browsing history of their kids with the details of URL and the time of visit etc.
  3. Activate internet filters and block preset web pages automatically by the categories, such as adult sites or with offensive content, based on the age of the child. You can also include additional categories or specific websites.
  4. Have a look at the contact book and their additional details saved in it, such as email address, home address, date of birth, relation and organization etc.
  5. Check call logs with the complete information of dialed, received and missed calls etc.
  6. Monitor SMS history and see who does your kid talk to and what do they talk about
  7. Watchlist suspicious contacts and get notified every time the contact is made between your kid and the watchlisted contact either through a call or via SMS.
  8. Monitor the list of apps installed on their devices
  9. Check the details of the app installed, such as date of installation, version of the app being used, and the category app falls in etc.
  10. Analyze the time spent on each application
  11. Blacklist unwanted or inappropriate apps from their app list
  12. If you find your kid using the devices in the odd hours, especially during the night or while having lunch, you can put auto-screen locks on their devices and schedule it on a daily basis for specific time intervals, say from 10 pm to 7 am etc.
  13. You can also put locks to restrict the use of the device immediately using the remote lock feature of the app.

Aren’t these features great to protect children on the internet? These certainly are. So, don’t waste any more time and give this app a free trial now. To get the trial version of the app, go now to the app store on your phone, say Google Play, iTunes and download the app from there. With the trial version, you can enjoy all FamilyTime premium features for complete three days. You can also get this app in a jiffy from the buttons below: