Your bathroom owes part of its style to the bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles that you select. Wall tiles will be the first thing that guests to your bathroom see, and they can make it appear vibrant and colourful or boring and dull. There are many varieties of wall tiles from which to choose. You can use tiles for the full wall, or paint part of the wall and tile the rest. However, you choose to decorate, make sure that the tiles you select will enhance the overall scheme of the room, and not detract from it.

One popular pattern for wall tiles in a bathroom setting is to use large rectangular tiles. If you use larger tiles, you will need less grout, and this will help to make cleaning your tile easier. Dirt makes the grout difficult to clean because it tends to accumulate there. Other patterns for bathrooms include using dark grout, setting coloured tiles randomly, and using tiles of different patterns.

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If you look through all the design magazines and decide on off-white or true white tiles to use in your bathroom, this colour-less design can be livened up by the use of darker coloured tiles such as hunter green, blue or dark red. It doesn’t have to follow a set pattern, either. You can utilise the coloured tiles in random settings. This will add a welcome breath of colour to the room. You can also use tiles with prints or paintings on them between off-white or true white tiles, for added style. A few floral-printed tiles in between tiles of white or pink will add a feminine and delicate touch to your bath. Also, you could select one large tile with a design or painting in it, and then surround it with tiles of plain but accenting colours.

bathroom wall tiles design

Many interior decorators don’t like running bathroom wall tiles from the ceiling to the floor. It might look less intimate and more like a public restroom. Perhaps the most aesthetic idea is to tile up to eye level and then use borders and paint to finish the walls. You can also use white tiles with borders of basic colours. You can be as unique and creative as you want to be. Make sure that it goes well with the rest of the room. Keep your budget in mind while planning your bathroom, too, so you won’t come up with marvellous ideas that you can’t afford to use.

Your bathroom design is an important part of your house, whether you’re planning a new home or remodelling a bathroom in your current home. Start with planning the wall design, because if left until the last thing, it may be hard to pattern the wall to go with the rest of the room. Find a colour scheme that will give your bathroom a unique look, but one that is still tasteful.

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You can use many different material types when you remodel or design your bathroom. Decide on the design you will use, and then select the materials you will use. Marble is popular in bathroom design, and you can select plain or coloured tiles. Or you may pick stone, glass or limestone. Discern the advantages and disadvantages of the basic materials and find out what material suits your room the best. Marble tiles will give your bathroom walls a unique look, and Terra cotta tiles will give you long years of service, compared to other materials.