When it comes to home decor, there are a few design staples that come to mind when thinking about trends from a decade or more ago. Wallpaper and faux wood paneling are two of the more horrendous ones, but carpet flooring is slowly creeping up the list of undesired home design choices.

In its place as an increasingly popular choice is the more convenient, inexpensive, versatile and easier installation option of wooden flooring. It’s not just a case of wood floors being the better option, though; as carpeting in general has a lot more entries on the con list if you compare the two.

Why is Carpet Flooring Not a Good Idea?

Maintenance Cost

The easiest argument against carpeting is the maintenance cost. It’s recommended that carpets are shampooed at least once every year, with an average price going as high as £0.50 per square foot. For larger homes with multiple carpeted rooms, that adds up quickly.

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Alternatively, you can choose the DIY method. However, the consequences of a job gone wrong can cause un-repairable damage such as potential mold issues if the carpet gets too wet and the moisture leaks through to the pad or permanent stains from furniture dye if it comes into contact with a carpet that hasn’t completely dried.


Another reason carpets aren’t ideal, especially in comparison to Wooden flooring, is the durability factor. Generally, carpet should be replace every five years. When you factor in pets, their accompanying stains and lingering smells, which cling to the fibers. You have a germ-breeding ground beneath your feet that significantly reduces the carpet’s lifespan.

The Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Style Variations

Wooden flooring comes in many different style options, from many wood floors to laminate travertine tiles. You can select a single style and install continuous flooring throughout your home or change it up without incurring the different material and installation costs associated with each flooring type.


Wooden flooring is among the most durable flooring types available that isn’t made from a natural material, lasting at least 10-15 years and as much as 30 depending on the quality of the product. This fact renders them perfect for rental properties and areas with high traffic, such as the kitchen or family room.


Along with the longevity of Wooden flooring is the durability of the product. The top layer features a protective coating that renders the product scratch, stain and dent resistant. With most manufacturers offering an extended warranty if any of these should occur.

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Wooden floors also resist the expansion that normally occurs with real wood floors in warmer climates.

Because wooden flooring is design to last, it offers the best value for your money when deciding on a flooring option. If you only have to choose your flooring once every 30 years. It makes sense to go with the best option available.