Whether making the leap with your other half or moving house in with a new housemate, planning relocation with someone can be a really stressful time. Not only do you have twice the amount of furniture and possessions to move, but you also have to get through moving day without arguments! To make sure your big house move goes as smoothly as possible, here are some helpful hints from fort worth moving company and house moving tips to make sure you and your housemate stay the best of friends on moving day.


The first step to take before moving house in with somebody is to have a really good clear out before packing. The last thing your housemate will want is boxes of useless junk stuck in the loft – so it’s important to be considerate and keep your new place as clutter-free as possible! By donating or selling your unwanted items before you move, not only will you be freeing up vital space in the moving van, but you’ll also be getting off on the right foot with your new housemate.


Before moving in with somebody, it’s important to get your heads together and come up with a plan for the big day. Go through your possessions and decide what you want to take with you to your new property. And, have a good think about how the logistics are going to work. Hiring the removal van yourself? Plan who’s going to be driving and who’s going to be lifting boxes.

Perhaps you’re looking for a cheap removals firm; or hoping to invest in the very best service. Either way, forward planning is essential. It’s vital that you and your housemate sort out all these details before you make the big move, and by the time moving day comes you’ll both be feeling relaxed about the whole process.


When two lives come together in one space, it’s inevitable that some of your furniture and possessions will be surplus to requirements. For those not quite willing to part with their precious sofa or bookcases, investing in storage is a great idea. This means you don’t have to worry about planning complicated furniture removals. Whilst your possessions stay safe until you have the room for them in your new house.


Want to avoid arguing about who’s lugging the heaviest box up the stairs? Hiring a reputable removals company can help with this, and will alleviate some of the physical pressures of moving house. Removal services can provide you with a removal van. As well as, helping you get your boxes and furniture safely from A to B. This means that by the time moving day comes along; all you and your housemate have to worry about is whose turn it is to put the kettle on.

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Nobody likes tripping over piles of unpacked boxes. To avoid arguments with your housemate when you first move into your new home, put the time and effort into unpacking properly. Get your removal company to help put your furniture in place as soon as you move in, before beginning to unpack. Anything left in boxes after the first couple of weeks in your new property – donate it to charity or sell it online. Chances are if you’ve not used it by now, you never will!

Make use of these moving house tips, downsize, and make the most out of your moving checklist and all the rest will fall in place. Don’t worry about what comes next, just focus on the moving process itself. When your mind is set on something achieving it will only be the natural outcome. Especially, if you and your housemate work hard on that.