It’s hard to imagine your life when you retire. The thought of not setting your alarm clock, getting up any time you desire, enjoying your morning at a leisurely pace. It will all be a shock to the system, but doesn’t it sound wonderful? But month or a year down the line, will retirement still be a godsend? Or will you feel like you are being subjected to the boring reality of a workless life?

It is no lie that work fulfills our life. Getting into that routine getting up and doing something that provides for us is empowering. This is one of the reasons why people of the older generation aren’t retiring in the traditional sense. A larger percentage of baby boomers are now working in their retirement because they find it fulfilling not because they have to.

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This is not to say retirement is not fulfilling too, but either way any major life event like this requires planning. In order to plan for an enjoyable retirement, consider taking these steps before you make the transition from working into retirement.


There is no harm in having a dress rehearsal. If you dream of moving away to another location or country when you retire you should try going there first. We are not talking a quick day visit. If you plan on permanently moving location you should plan visits to the location on various occasions before your retirement to decide if the move is right for you. You may love the idea of living somewhere different after retirement but you should visit it for a prolonged time before making a permanent residency. Talk to the locals, visit the shops. Make sure that you will be happy in your chosen place in your older years.

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Your friends may decide to wait a while for retirement or perhaps they are still working and only have weekends available. This is when you should make connections. Talk to people who are retired in your town you can do this by joining a community club where you can meet with people similar to yourself. It may take some time and effort but joining a club can help you to build a friendship network who aren’t related to your workplace.


To fill all your new found spare time you will have to find something to do. This is your chance to rekindle any interests you didn’t have time for when you were working. Why not learn an instrument? Take up painting? Or join a club? You have the world of opportunities when it comes to hobbies and it’s usually easy to get involve in these different types of hobbies. Whatever hobby you decide to get involved in, don’t wait until you are retired to start benefiting from the enjoyment a hobby can bring you.


It doesn’t matter if you are planning on staying in your home or if you are planning on selling and moving. You should consider making any improvements to your home before you retire. Tackle any home improvements in the years leading up to retirement. You can put aside money for projects you can devote your time to once you have retired. If you are planning on selling your property you can perhaps make cosmetic improvements that will make for a better sale.


Retiring is a shock to the system when it comes to finances. Financial planning is very important as you make the changeover from working to retirement. You will need to have an idea about what your monthly expenses will be and you will need to determine how much money you will need each month.

Although you financial planning is important for your retirement, if you start taking the steps to retirement early you will have a better chance of having a peaceful and pleasurable retirement.