When Christmas trees were considered to still new custom, different inventive methods to decor the Christmas trees were invented using as much light as possible. No doubt actual lights from candles and bulbs were used but to highlight the sparkle and attract the young, metallic tinsel and blown glass ornaments were considered necessary to decor the Christmas tree.

Raw Materials:

The raw materials used to make the hand-made or machine-made ornaments are almost the same. To manufacture the ribbon machine or the slender tubes, the Glass in bulk form is used. The internal reflecting coating is known as the” Silvering Solution”. Different types of paints, Lacquers, glitter, and many other kinds of attachments made of fabric, ribbon, glass beads, silk flowers, etc. are used to decor the shapes.


Mass-produced ornaments, like balls and ovals, are considered more fascinating in shape than the ornaments that are produced by expert designers. For the artists who design collectible designs, their ornament shapes and colors have no limit like their imaginations.

The Manufacturing Process of Blown Glass Ornament:

1) A large quantity of glass is melted and flowed in a ribbon over several molds.

2) When each mold moves into position in front of a clear glass stream, Compressed air is usually blown into the mold to allow the glass to evenly take the shape of the mold. The glass used should be clear and its size should be about 1.75 to 5 in diameter.

3) The conveyor moves the ornaments to the places where they are coated internally using the silvering solution to give the mirror reflective characteristics that will appear through the external coatings.

4) Then they are dipped into a base coat of white undercoat to coat them on the outside.

5) When the undercoat dries, the conveyor transports the balls to the paint station where we dip them in lacquer. The most common colors are blue and red.

6) Decorations can be added by machine or by hand. Spun glass or fiberglass are produced by glass manufacturers to decor the ornaments.

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7) Prefabricated metal catches and hooks made of lightweight aluminum or tin are attached by the machine after decorating the ornaments.

8) The finished bulbs are now transferred for packing where special packing materials are used for displaying the ornaments for sale.

9) After that a certain silvering solution is injected down the stem and spins to coat the ornament internally. This silvering solution can be skipped to produce a more transcendent ornament that only takes the color of the external paint.

10) A usual glass cutter is used to cut the stem of the ornament. After that, a metal cap or catch is snapped in place on the remaining stub. Special Tags or packaging to identify and protect the individual ornament are added before shipping.

Bottom line:

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