If you think without working hard, earning or saving anything you can become a millionaire. Then you are at the wrong place. But if you are a person who is disciplined and can save a certain amount of money regularly then after reading you will definitely know what to do to grow your money.

Personal finance is the most neglected and ignored area whether you are from finance or non finance background. Just ask all Chartered Accountants or finance people that do you give advices on personal finance their answer will be “yes” the reason is they get paid for it. But when it comes to them they just neglect it. Therefore we request to take personal finance seriously. You just need to give few minutes from your busy schedule. We here provide you certain personal finance tips that would help you to grow your personal money.

The tips are as follows –

1. Save –

The first and foremost tip that we recommend is that you save certain amount of money every month. Usually when youngsters get job the very first thing they think is now I will buy this or will go here. But no one thinks about saving money. So we recommend you to save money from the very first day.

2. Invest –

Saving alone will not be of much use as we know that in the upcoming years the inflation rate will be so high that the money that we save will be of no value. So in order to match your savings with inflation it is very important that you spent I won’t say the entire amount but a part of your savings in market.

3. Loan –

If you think that your salary is not producing much saving and investing will not give you the desired result then at a very young age when you do not have any responsibility take loan and put that amount in something that will provide you finance at the later stage of your life like a business or one can even buy gold.

4. Create Financial Calendar –

If you have a nice memory then you do not need to create calendar although there are very few people who remembers everything. But most of the people are so busy in their daily routine that sometime they forget to pay the installment of loan which has negative impact on your civil score. So it is very important that you keep a track of all the important dates.

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5. Check Your Interest Rate –

It is very important to check the interest that you are giving on your loan and try to pay the complete amount of the loan that is charging high rate of interest.

6. Budget Planning –

Budget planning is an important aspect of growing your money. Plan you budget on a regular basis so that your expenditure does not exceeds your income. It is your duty to see that your expenditure is such that you can save little money from your income. So instead of putting money on things that are not of much use or things that you can avoid easily.

7. Personal Finance Calculator –

There are many kinds of calculators that are used to manage the personal finance. Most common Calculators that are used include the tax saving calculator that helps in calculating the income tax over your taxable income. Another is the gratuity calculator that calculates the amount that the person will get at the time of retirement, provident fund calculator that will give an idea of the amount that you will receive on retirement. Other includes the FD/RD calculator, home/car loan EMI calculator etc.

8. Set Your Financial Goal –

The most important tip to grow your money is by setting up certain financial goals. These goals will always encourage you to be on track. These goals can be either short term goals or long term goals.

By using these simple tips that will not take much time start managing your personal finance. This will be your first step towards your future. So start it as early as possible.