Engineered wood flooring is a new and innovative take on wood flooring. It is a collection of custom made flooring to suit the tastes of the consumer. So if you like antique pine or maybe lacquered milano is more your style then you can design your own with the engineered wood flooring.

With engineered wood flooring there are many different options. These include 21 different colours from 4 different categories. These categories are the smoked collection, the oiled collection, the distressed and aged collection and the unfinished collection. You can also choose from many other options once you have picked your colour such as plank thickness, prime grade or rustic grade, brushing options or smoking options, beveled or square edged boards and lastly the finish. These engineered wood flooring boards are designed to your specification and as such give you a far more personal touch to your floor.

One decision that often gets people is the choice between beveled wood flooring and square-edged wood flooring. Square-edged wood flooring gives you a nice clean finish. You could cast your eye over the entire floor and not see a blemish in sight. If you are looking for the minimalist or modern look to your floor then I would suggest the square-edged wood flooring. If you are looking for a more rustic approach then the beveled wood flooring may be more your style. People often go for the beveled wood flooring if they want to make it look as if the floor has been there for hundreds of years and would definitely lend itself to the aged and distressed collection. Of course it is your decision and you may choose to be completely different and unique by mixing and matching any of the choices that are on offer to suit you.

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Another tough decision is the finish on the floor. Finished wood flooring can look spectacular when it is lacquered and given a good polish but you have to be careful when using cleaning products. Use a cleaner with to high a pH level and you may find your finished wood floor has been stripped of it lacquer! However the lacquer and polish does give protection to items such as heavy furniture, pets nails and women’s shoes. Unfinished wood flooring on the other hand has no such protection. You have to be very careful what you place on it and who you let walk in the room. An unfinished wood floor will look fantastic in a country style kitchen and will also give your room a more natural feel to it.

If you are looking for laminate wood flooring at the moment but can’t decide which to go for then why not take a look at the engineered flooring sale collection? There are so many different choices that there is little risk of you finding the same floor anywhere else. If you want a unique look with a personal touch then I would definitely recommend an engineered wood floor.