Now that summer has officially left without a trace, our autumn and winter wardrobes can finally come out to play. If you’re wondering what winter fashion trends for men this 2020 are, look no further then Bamigo.

Below is a list of all the men’s winter fashion trends you’ll most definitely be following this year.

Patterned in Plaid

mixed patterns fashion
From left to right: Rochas Fall 2019 Menswear, Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear, Rochas Fall 2019 Menswear

This year you’ll be seeing a lot of monotone or subtle plaid as well as the return of mixed patterns including a lot of houndstooth, which was a favourite at last year’s fashion weeks. Plaid is an easy pattern to wear as it can be worn casually as a jacket or pants or dressed up as a suit or with a workwear vibe.

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The Leather Look

leather style
From left to right: Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear, Todd Snyder Fall 2019 Menswear, Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear

This year, subtle hints of leather will be seen a lot, some opting for a more full-on look with leather trench coats or jackets and even leather pants. An easy way to style leather is to wear a dark leather jacket over a monotone outfit, or contrast colours.

Chunky Boots

chunky boots
From left to right: Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear, Isabel Marant Fall 2019 Menswear, Kozaburo Fall 2019 Menswear

A useful and stylish trend this winter is chunky boots. Not only do they look great with almost any outfit they will also stop your feet from getting cold when the temperature drops and keep the weather out of your socks.

Return of the Mac

modern Kenzo Mac
From left to right: Bode Fall 2019 Menswear, Theory Fall 2019 Menswear, Kenzo Fall 2019 Menswear

The return of the Mac, a true wardrobe classic has come back in style this season. Whether you choose a more traditional Sherlock Holmes trench coat or a more modern Kenzo Mac is up to you. Mac’s or trench coats can go with an array of outfits from traditional workwear to fresh sportswear, it’s a coat you can really get creative with.


sportswear trend
From left to right: Sacai Fall 2019 Menswear, Pigalle Fall 2019 Menswear, Kith Fall 2019 Menswear

Sportswear has been a go-to trend for a while now and this winter is no different. This year is seeing a more subtle sportswear trend than last year so maybe opt for some grey mens jogging bottoms from justyouroutfit, chunky boots and a large oversized jacket. Sportswear is a really simple style to pull off, you can go as basic as a tracksuit or as over the top as a matching Yeezy lounge suit.


workwear trend
From left to right: Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear, Bode Fall 2019 Menswear, Celine Fall 2019 Menswear
blazers, black and white

Time to get serious, the workwear trend is going full force this season with every man and their brother dressed to impress a Wall Street office. Although the idea of wearing a suit when you aren’t required to can seem uncomfortable, don’t fret you can still style out workwear and be comfortable. Simply throw on some sportswear pants or plaid bottoms and a blazer and voilà Wall Street here you come.

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Oversized Jackets

oversized jacket
From left to right: Todd Snyder Fall 2019 Menswear, Sacai Fall 2019 Menswear, Todd Snyder Fall 2019 Menswear

A staple you will need this winter is a huge oversized jacket. This is another style which will keep you warm while keeping you on-trend. The oversized jacket was featured a lot during the Fall 2019 Menswear fashion weeks with major designer adding their own flair to the wardrobe essential. You can go neutral, monotone and even add a huge pop of colour to your outfit with one of these huge coats. 4Bidden clothing offers amazing and stylish coats that can be worn to fit or oversized in whichever way you choose.


Layering fashion week
From left to right: Kenzo Fall 2019 Menswear, Bode Fall 2019 Menswear, Rochas Fall 2019 Menswear

Layering takes the saying ‘bundle up’ to the next level, a style seen countless times at winter fashion trends week. Whether you decide to go for a simple shirt, jumper and jacket or a turtleneck, shirt, cardigan and jacket, this trend will definitely stop you from feeling the cold this winter.