We aren’t a big fan of “Hallmark” holidays like Valentine’s Day. There is so much pressure on both sides to get the perfect present for your partner. Or maybe you are single and don’t need to be reminded of the lack of love and presents you’ll receive this time of year. Whether you are single or partnered up, we say take back this holiday and buy something nice for yourself! Maybe you want to learn something new or have an experience instead of acquiring things. Whatever you choose to gift yourself, make sure it’s something special that you love and makes your heart sing.

Here are our top five Valentine’s Day Gift ideas to gift yourself — any time of year!

1. Learn Something New

Do you love learning new things, or do you shy away from trying anything out of the norm? As we get older, we tend to stop learning unless we make a conscious effort to do it. Also, when we in a relationship, we might not go out on a limb by ourselves. Or maybe you want your partner to do the activity with you, but they have no interest. If you’ve been dreaming of taking a burlesque class, learning how to rock climb or sculpt, or maybe you think it would be fun to give improve comedy a whirl, now is the time!

Give yourself a chance to trying something new. Even if you suck at it, it will give your confidence a boost because you weren’t scared to try. As a bonus, creativity also relieves stress.

2. Treat Yourself

When it comes to self-care and beauty routines, people let spoiling yourself fall by the wayside. Maybe you’re so busy with your career or running the home — or both — that you never think to treat yourself. But it’s okay to spend money on YOU — and there’s nothing that says “I love you” more than a spa day. Keep your skin healthy with treatments like a micro-needling facial or full-body exfoliation. Or maybe there’s one little thing that bothers you like wrinkles around the eyes or mouth. Considered dermal fillers, which are safe, and — with the right clinic — look totally natural.

3. Hire a Private Chef

This one is our personal favourite because we are big foodies and love to entertain. Why not host a small party with your closest friends and hire a private chef to make all the food. That way, you can sit back and everyone can feel the love for Valentine’s Day. You can pick a theme for the party, or just let the chef do everything. If it’s out of your budget to host a whole party, consider hiring a chef to come in to make a nice meal for you and your partner or another single friend.

4. Do a Makeover and Photoshoot

Something that can be fun and also boost your self-esteem is to have a professional makeover and photoshoot for yourself. You are also welcome to include your partner or family, but we suggest doing a Boudoir photo shoot. It’s far too easy to focus on our “flaws” every time we look in the mirror or photographs and we are our worst enemy when it comes to our appearance — even though other people do not see us the same way. When you get professional photos done, the best parts of you will shine through and you won’t see any of your perceived imperfections.

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5. Travel and Have a New Experience

How long has it been since you had a little getaway or holiday? Even if it’s just a weekend trip, schedule some time to travel and have new experiences. If budget is a concern, look for cool things to do in your city, like a cooking class of your favourite cuisine or a mixology class where you learn how to make fancy cocktails. An easy way to find these experiences is to look on Airbnb for your city or a neighbouring one — they have a tab called “Experiences” that list what’s happening nearby.

We hope you have the best Valentine’s Day ever with some of our ideas of gifts to give yourself this year!