It is ironic to think that there are very few of us who do not wish to be some sort of entrepreneur and yet there are very few who has successfully become one. With this in mind, entrepreneurship must require certain qualities in order to succeed. These entrepreneurial qualities can be dubbed “the keys to success” and we shall name them here.


Ambition is the catalyst behind an entrepreneur’s determination to become successful.

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Entrepreneurial success can be achieved for two reasons: money and the sense of achievement. It is for these two reasons that ambition is generated within a man or woman, creating the desire to become an entrepreneur.

Dedication & Hard Work

Dedication is the single most important factor behind becoming a successful entrepreneur. If we are not dedicated to our ambitions, then we will not put in the required amount of work, thought and energy behind them.

This is why hard work must go hand in hand with dedication, as the former brings out the latter, while the latter signifies the existence of the former.

You will find that most entrepreneurs and successful businesspersons aren’t necessarily geniuses, or even clever. They just have the drive needed to succeed in their ambitions. Hard work always eventually results in success.


The importance of hard work does not devalue that of creativity however. The more creativity a man or woman has, the more fruitful the work of their hard work will be.

There is however a secret behind creativity that many people fail to grasp: it doesn’t always entail thinking outside of the box. The most creative options are often the simplest.

Attention to Detail

The ability to learn from and take something from the smallest details in life is a quality needed to become a successful entrepreneur and remain as one. From daily interactions with people to market trends and a range of other things, paying attention to details – big or small – is a key characteristic needed in an entrepreneur.

For example, an article I read recently mentioned how thousands of British businesspersons lose out on thousands of pounds annually due to failing to claim back their tax refunds. Being ignorant to something as valuable as a tax refund is a prime example of the costs of failing to pay attention to detail and how anti-entrepreneurial this can be.

Understand How People Think

Understanding how people think is part of paying attention to detail, but must nonetheless be mentioned as a key quality in itself.

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Unless there are entrepreneurs and businesspersons out there who directly sell to animals or ghosts, all of our business interactions will of course, be with humans. An entrepreneur will liaise with humans, partner with humans, buy from humans and sell to humans. With this in mind, it is only common sense that understanding how humans think is such an important entrepreneurial characteristic.