What contributes to the creation of a healthy relationship is unique to each couple. What makes one couple happy may not have the same effect on another. However, there are some fundamental and integral aspects that most relationships rely on which are often the focus during relationship counselling.

Discover the top six things that help to promote and maintain a healthy relationship!

Good Communication

Good communication refers to both big and small conversations. Healthy relationships rely on open and honest discussions. When we are honest with our partner, it is not only productive, but it also promotes trust.

Good communication isn’t only about talking, though; it also includes attentive listening. Attentive listening is allowing your partner to speak and not butting-in with advice.

maintain a healthy relationship

Make sure to encourage your partner to discuss their thoughts and feelings by asking open questions to helps them expand on the conversation. It will be much more appreciated than offering advice which they may not have asked for.

It also demonstrates emotional support which we rely on to help us feel understood, safe and secure in a relationship.


There are many forms of intimacy in a relationship that can affect its happiness, and it’s not just the physical kind!

Intimacy is built over an accumulation of experiences and feelings which are developed between two people over time. Like any feelings, it can rise and drop and requires regular maintenance to keep both people feeling fulfilled and special in the relationship.

Often when we want to increase sexual intimacy, it depends on the development of other forms of intimacy such as emotional support, acts of affection as well as a sense of trust.


Similar to intimacy, trust may not be an instant sensation. Trust is something that requires consistent honesty and openness between two people and should be maintained throughout the relationship.

build in a relationship

Trust often reduces negative feelings that can build in a relationship, such as jealousy, which is a notorious ingredient for ruining a relationship.

Many factors contribute to the feeling of trust. During challenging times, trust is often tested. If a partner isn’t emotionally supportive, many find that their sense of trust is broken.

Respect for One Another

It is not possible to agree on everything in life. However, even when you do disagree, it doesn’t mean that there is a loss of love. In fact, it is important to be surrounded by people who positively challenge you and your beliefs. It helps us to develop emotionally and increase our understanding of the world.

Therefore, maintaining a level of respect for your partner’s beliefs and boundaries is integral when creating a healthy relationship. When you speak to one another, try and use language that demonstrates you are the same team and respect when you may both want to do your own thing.

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Mutual respect also helps to promote independence for both parties and steers away from unhealthy habits of co-dependency.


Dedication is integral to a relationship. It is devoted time to one another that is entirely free from distractions.

There are many forms of dedication. Whether it’s giving uninterrupted focus during a meaningful conversation or simply spending some time together when you both have a day off, it shows that you are devoted to one another.

create a strong relationship

Acts of dedication also demonstrate that you want to learn more about one another; both people and their situations are ever-changing, and it indicates that you are committed to each other and the relationship.

A Sense of Humour

What is life without a bit of laughter?

Day to day life is made a little more special with the sharing of jokes, memories and stories, especially when it is with the person you are in love with. Even in our darkest moments, a small joke can lift our spirits.

Sharing a joke or an anecdote helps promote and maintain the bonding process between two people. It can also act as a form of security in knowing that your partner can determine what makes you smile. These moments of laughter help to build on the essential feelings needed to create a strong relationship such as trust, intimacy and support.

What is essential to you and your relationship to keep it healthy and happy? Why not share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!