If you’re looking to make the lighting in your home more interesting, you’re going to have to get a little creative! Sometimes simple lighting techniques can transform a room if used correctly.

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Below you can find 8 creative ways to light up your home.

1. Hidden Strip Lighting

If you have a coffered ceiling, hiding strip lighting in the crevices of the ceiling design can create an ambient and sophisticated atmosphere to a room as well as highlight an architectural feature of the room. You can also hide strip lighting behind mirrors, art, furniture and cupboards for more creative home lighting.

2. Pendant Lighting

Hanging LED pendant lights in a room with a tall ceiling, in a stairwell or as an interior design feature can give a room a vintage feel. Common in ’60s and ’70’s interior design, pendant lights can not only make a room look stylish but is also a more creative way to light your home adding an interesting feature to the room.

3. Illuminate Architectural features in your home

You should try to tie your lighting to the unique areas and design of your home. If your home has some interesting architectural features you should make sure to light those features properly. Planning your lighting carefully to focus the eye towards these features will make your interior design look sophisticated and innovative.

4. Stay in Style

It is important to buy lights that suit the interior style of your home. Purchasing lights that fit into your home’s style will help tie your interior design vision together. With such a large range of lights available online you can buy retro lights, modern lights and unusual lights with ease, you’ll be sure to find something to fit the design of your room.

5. Technology Driven

If your home interior is modern or minimalistic, add an extra feature to your home with technology-driven lighting. Buying motion sensor lights for your home will not only create a futuristic vibe but will also save energy.

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6. Floor Lighting

If you’re feeling particularly creative you can purchase light tiles for your home that light up when you walk on them, think Michael Jackson in the Billie Jean video. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated floor light, try spotlights and uplights, place then under features or artwork you would like your guests to focus on. Floor lighting is also a great way to light the outside of your home.

7. Coloured Lights

Set the mood with colour changing LED bulbs, whether you want warm lighting, bright lights or different colours to create a romantic or fun atmosphere. Coloured bulbs and strip lights are great for children’s room as they can be changed to match the decor of the room or enhance their play time.

8. Dimmers

If you would like to set the mood in a more mature way, lights that are able to dim are the perfect solution! Whether you’re looking to turn the lights low to watch a movie or high to help you concentrate, light dimmers offer you complete flexibility with your home lighting.

Guest post by Interiors Blogger Gina Kay Daniel