Technology in the modern world is bound only by our imagination. Crazy, weird, and innovative robots and cobots (collaborative robots that work in close proximity with humans) are being put to use across the globe – and this is only the beginning. And whilst many of these cobots are being built to aid businesses and streamline their operations, we can also get our hands on some pretty cool inventions for our day-to-day lives too.

Here are a few lifestyle and household cobots that you never knew you needed…

Travelmate – the autonomous suitcase

One of the most stressful things about traveling can be carting around your heavy suitcase and forever having your wits about you to ensure it doesn’t get stolen or left behind anywhere. Travelmate is an autonomous suitcase that is able to follow you around all on its own. It makes use of anti-collision technology to ensure it avoids any bumps and scrapes, has 360 degree turning capabilities and eliminates the need for carrying, pulling, or pushing a suitcase around.

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Travelmate also features a Bluetooth enabled lock and a GPS chip that helps you know its location at all times – very handy should it ever find itself on the wrong plane or at the wrong destination! It also includes a built-in scale that accurately measures the weight of your suitcase so you don’t have to worry about overpacking. Could it be any more useful?!

Tertill – the robotic garden weeder

One for all you gardening enthusiasts – the robotic garden weeder. There are a few similar products on the market, however, Tertill is a solar-powered and weatherproof robot that lives in your garden and does the de-weeding every day without the need for any chemicals.

So how exactly does a robotic garden weeder work? Tertill uses a very simple method: weeds are short, plants are tall. If Tertill comes across a plant tall enough to touch the front of its shell, it activates a sensor that makes the robot turn away. If it comes across a plant short enough to pass under its shell, it activates a different sensor that turns on the weed cutter. To avoid Tertill cutting down short plants that are still growing, the company provides plant collars for you to put around these plants to let Tertill know to leave them alone.

Roomba – the robotic vacuum cleaner

You may have heard of Roomba already, as it’s becoming fairly common within households around the world. It was actually created by the same roboticist that invented Tertill and works in a similar way. Roomba automatically makes its way around your home picking up dirt with spinning brushes and a vacuum and storing it away into a little storage bin. It is essentially a vacuum cleaner powered by a motor so you can sit back and relax whilst the chores get done!

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It sounds like the dream, and hopefully, it’s just the start of more common-place household robots and cobots entering into our homes to make our lives a little easier. We’ve come a long way since the early 19th century when the first textile machines were smashed up due to the fear of them stealing our jobs! Now we’re inviting them into our homes.

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