With over a billion daily users, Instagram is one of the most well-liked social media platforms available today. Instagram has made a number of algorithm updates over the years to enhance user experience and guarantee that users see content that is most pertinent to them.

But these changes have significantly changed how users interact on the platform, especially in terms of likes. In this blog, we’ll look at how Instagram’s algorithm changes have changed how users engage with posts, the reasons behind them, and what they mean for brands and influencers who use Instagram as a tool for social media promotion.

So, if you’re interested in how Instagram algorithm changes are affecting your likes, keep reading!

Impact of Change in Algorithm on Instagram User Engagement

Algorithm on Instagram User Engagement

Instagram’s algorithm updates have significantly changed how users interact with the platform, particularly in terms of likes. In the past, users had chronological order for the content they saw on their feeds. The order in which posts show on the feed is now, however, decided by Instagram’s algorithm, which takes into account things like engagement, relevance, and recentness.

Accordingly, users are more likely to see posts from accounts they interact with frequently than they are to see posts in the chronological order they were made.

The quantity of likes that posts receive has consequently changed as a consequence of algorithm changes. With the new algorithm, posts are more likely to be seen by a bigger audience if they receive a lot of engagement (likes, comments, saves, and shares) within the first few minutes of being posted.

This can cause a “snowball effect,” in which posts with high initial engagement gain more likes and engagement over time, while posts with low engagement are moved down in users’ feeds and have a lower chance of being seen or liked.

The Explore page is another element that influences how users interact with messages on Instagram. Based on user interactions and interests, Instagram has selected material for the Explore page that it believes users will find interesting. The Explore page’s content is chosen by an algorithm based on a number of variables, such as the user’s search past, the accounts they follow, and the content they interact with.

A post’s engagement and likes may rise significantly when it is featured on the Explore page because it is seen by many more people than it otherwise would. The algorithm is constantly evolving, so it can be challenging to anticipate how a particular post’s visibility and interaction will change as a result.

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Overall, there is a sizable effect of algorithm changes on Instagram likes. The algorithm decides which posts are viewed by which people, and this can affect how many likes a post gets. Because of this, businesses and influencers must be aware of algorithm updates and modify their content and posting strategies as necessary.

Should you Focus on Instagram Likes and Engagement?

Focus on Instagram Likes and Engagement

Yes, focusing on Instagram likes and engagement is essential for establishing a strong online profile. Likes and engagement are important performance indicators that show how well your content connects with your audience and can help you get more exposure on the site.

You can increase your likes and engagement on Instagram and develop a loyal, engaged following by constantly producing high-quality content, utilizing pertinent hashtags, interacting with followers, and monitoring your metrics.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you shouldn’t limit your attention to just likes and interactions. Focusing on additional crucial metrics like reach, follower growth, and general interaction is also necessary to establish a strong presence on Instagram.

How to Improve Instagram Likes and Engagement?

Increasing Instagram likes and engagement can be difficult, particularly with the algorithm’s constant changes. However, there are a number of tactics that users and brands can use to raise their exposure and interaction on the platform. Here are some practical strategies to increase your Instagram interaction and likes:

Post High-quality Content Regularly

When it comes to increasing interaction on Instagram, consistency is essential. Regularly publishing high-quality content is crucial to maintaining audience interest in your business. Make sure your content is visually appealing, original, and pertinent to the community you are trying to reach.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are a useful tool for expanding your following. Use pertinent hashtags in your posts to boost exposure and interaction. To reach a larger audience, research hashtags that are hot in your business and use them in your content.

Interact with Your Followers

Engage with your followers by liking their content, responding to their comments, and following them back. This fosters a sense of community among your followers and motivates them to interact with your content.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories is a great method to boost platform engagement. Encourage your audience to engage with your content by using tools like polls, quizzes, and questions.

Collaborate with Other Accounts

Collaborate with Other Accounts

Working together with other accounts in your sector is a fantastic way to boost exposure and interaction. Create co-branded content with other influencers or businesses or organize a giveaway with them.

Utilize Paid Promotions

To raise visibility and interaction, think about utilizing Instagram’s paid promotions. You can target groups and reach a larger audience by using promoted posts.

Analyze Your Metrics

Analyze Your Metrics

Metrics analysis can help you identify the content that is and is not resonating with your audience. Follower development can be monitored using tools like Instagram Insights to measure the engagement and reach. Utilize this knowledge to modify your content plan and increase engagement.

Finally, increasing Instagram likes and engagement calls for consistent work and a thorough knowledge of your audience. Use these tactics to boost your presence and activity on the site and avoid being overtaken by the algorithm, which is constantly changing.


In summation, Instagram likes, and algorithm changes have significantly impacted engagement. Brands and influencers must remain informed of the changes and adjust their content and posting strategies in light of the algorithm’s new emphasis on engagement, relevance, and recency.

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You can raise your visibility and interaction on the platform by regularly publishing high-quality content, utilizing pertinent hashtags, interacting with followers, utilizing Instagram stories, working with other accounts, and analyzing metrics. Auto likes, and other automated engagement tactics should be avoided, though, as they can damage your account and undermine your credibility.