Research shows that internet abuse at the work place is costing many companies lot money and prime business. This is due to a couple of factors like reduced productivity due to lack of concentration, excessive time wasting. And, also security threats since employees are likely to leak some vital information deliberately or accidentally because of malicious internet activity in a highly sensitive work environment. Competitors and hackers are occasionally able to pick up these activities and abuse them in order to bring down many businesses. Sometimes, the viewed information on the internet itself is unethical and can put the firm’s legal standing in jeopardy.

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Either ways, it is up to the employers as to how adequately they can manage internet usage without putting their company at risk. And, at the same time also maintaining high employee satisfaction because research highlights. That placing excessive sanctions can lead to reduced work satisfaction, Which can then reduce overall productivity. Therefore, we have put together a few solutions that can help manage internet abuse well.

Policy Making

The first step to protecting your company and business is by setting up a clear cut policy on internet usage. Employees should be well aware of what they are allowed to browse and what they are not allowed. This is especially to protect businesses from any harmful lawsuits. That could later crop up due to any mishaps such as information leaking or hacking into the mainframe. Occasionally employees tend to use internet surfers for downloading big files like movies and serials since the company functions on a fast server. There have been document instances of employees browsing adult content sites as well. Therefore, as an initial step the firm needs to set some hard guidelines for their employees in writing.

Managing Social Networking

Employers believe that social networking is the worst kind of wasting the firms’ resources and reducing productivity. Therefore, managing the amount of social networking that goes on within companies is highly necessary. One way to do this is by installing applications that are design to block anyone from accessing social networking sites from within the company. Even if they do manage to access them using a proxy. A notification of the IP server goes to their manager who can instantly see to it.

These applications can also be used to a lot a particular time during the day. When social networking sites can be accessed for instance during lunch hours. This would not hinder employee satisfaction and also give them some time to relax as well. However, if this is being implemented then employers can add some particular restrictions on the kind of things and posts that are being uploaded. For instance, if an employee tries to upload any material that even vaguely resembles company property and insider information. It would instantly block it and also report it.

Tracking Browser History

The best way to keep employees from accessing unwarranted internet sites is to warn them beforehand. That, their browsing histories are thoroughly evaluate. The mere threat of being watch will lead to many cut backs in unwanted site viewing. Despite the warning, it’s always healthy to monitor your employees’ internet usage regardless. This can be done using analytical monitoring software that takes keywords, time stamps and other supporting data to form a complete picture of the kind of internet browsing any employee is interested in.

These analytical reports will also highlight sites. That need blocking or any revision required in the original policy making on internet usage. Sometimes these can also help establish grounds for disciplinary measures.

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Check Emails Sent and Received

In good companies and firms, employees are usually suppose to sign a waiver that gives the company all access to view their mailing activity as well. When companies provide their employees with gadgets they usually tend to monitor them too. Company mailing addresses and portals are a great way of keeping track of the information that goes out and comes into the company. There are any other monitoring applications that tend to help employers’ keep track of this information and stop it from getting misuse.

Establishing a cooperative working environment depends a lot on the employer and his policies. Usually employees only tend to misuse company assets when they are unhappy or there are no penalties attach. However, with many monitoring applications in the market today. Keeping track of your employees internet activity not only helps protect your company but also helps employers get to know employees better.