Hemp was very popular as a building material for a long time. It was a common building material well into the Middle Ages, especially for roofing houses and insulation.

Today it is often reused, primarily because of its good insulating properties. Hemp has always played a significant role in medicine. Its intoxicating properties have also been a reason why it was cultivated extensively and intensively for centuries.

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The hemp and CBD through the years

The CBD was first synthesized in 1963 by the Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam. It was also he who was able to detect the endocannabinoid receptors in the body in 1993. Thus the cycle of effects of THC and CBD was clarified. This discovery of the endocannabinoid system and the proof that the body can also produce CBD in small amounts brought it to medicine’s attention.

Since then, CBD has switched back and forth between legal, illegal and unclarified status several times. It is still met with suspicion by opponents of hashish to this day.

However, users who have been able to use it successfully against mild and moderate complaints often become enthusiastic CBD fans. Legislators have found it very difficult to this day to find a clear, understandable and consistent line on how to deal with CBD (and also the THC).

That makes it very difficult for manufacturers and retailers to go about their business. Still, European laws are changing and CBD oil ad the CBD products can be legally bought throughout European countries, and people can now fully enjoy all the benefits of CB Doil in their daily routine.

CBD oil offers many advantages. From relaxation to muscle recovery, you will find a full list of applications.

Should CBD oil be stored in the refrigerator?

CBD is very light-sensitive, and CBD oil from JustBob is supplied in an amber glass bottle with an opaque outer packaging. Storage in the refrigerator extends the shelf life of the CBD oil. However, the fridge should not be set too high. Otherwise, ice crystals can form in the oil.

How long do I have to leave the CBD oil under my tongue?

Hold the CBD oil under your tongue for about 30 to 60 seconds. So it can be better absorbed by the body. To improve the effect even further, you should not eat or drink anything for half an hour afterwards.

What do I do if I don’t like the CBD oil?

You can mix CBD oil with tasteless cooking oil and then drizzle it under the tongue as usual. Mixing with food is also possible. You can find out more about this in the next point.

Buy CBD oil online

There is an incalculable number of providers on the online marketplaces who offer CBD products of mostly unknown origin.

Besides, the online trading platform “Amazon” and the payment service provider “Paypal” have made trading in CBD products very difficult in terms of quality as you can now find all kinds of products, without any European certification or traceability.

According to the specifications, the oil may not be directly referred to as CBD oil. The result is that the products available there have quite creative names like “Essential Oil with CB Components”, “CB Full Spectrum Oil” or “Hemp Extract Drops”. Although it cannot generally be said that these products’ quality is inferior or doubtful, the opposite cannot be said either.

It is advisable to buy CBD oil from a manufacturer or a dedicated online shop without a connection to Amazon or PayPal. On the one hand, this is impractical, but on the other hand, reputable online shops offer alternatives such as purchase on account.

For the best quality, express delivery and a recognized European supplier check JustBob’s website and look at the many CBD products available online!