Your dad isn’t only one of the two people responsible for you being alive – he’s the inspiration behind the person you are today, whether that’s following his example or riding down a different track.

Whatever debt you owe your dad, Father’s Day is the time to repay him and the right way to do it is to get him a gift that he gets genuine value from.

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I’ve picked three ideas for gifts you can get your dad, including three specific examples that you could pinch and use – you’re welcome.

Poker Evening

What’s the one thing your dad (probably) values above all else? Spending time with his beloved children.

My number one idea for a gift you can give your pa this Father’s Day is have a game night with him and one of the best ways you can do that is by having a poker evening.

Poker is incredibly simple to play and extremely sociable – if you pick Texas hold ’em as your version of choice then you can learn the rules in minutes and play with plenty of people.

It’s the latter point that makes a poker evening such a great gift – you can get the rest of the family involved, along with your dad’s friends. This will give him the most precious of all gifts – a great memory of a night spent with his favourite people.

Now, if your dad is anything like mine then he’s hyper-competitive and prone to bending the rules to make sure he beats his kids. So, remind him of two things.

Firstly, cheating in poker isn’t as straightforward as it is in games like blackjack – card counting strategies simply don’t work and bluffing is literally part of the game, so he’s wasting his time. Secondly, the night is about having friendly fun – bending the rules isn’t in the spirit of the evening.

Think Sports

Something sports-inspired is a winning gift for so many dad’s – mine supports Man Utd, so I’ll be aiming to get him a new manager for the team this Father’s Day.

But, noble as it might be to aim for such a transformative gift, you need a present that’s grounded in reality.

Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

I recommend searching Etsy for something for your pa. Type in the name of his favourite team and you’ll be amazed at the sheer number of original options available for you to pick from.

So, going from my earlier example of my Red Devil dad, I’d go for a vintage print of Old Trafford – but you’ll no doubt have your own ideas once you’ve made your search.

Go Stylish

I’m from a generation when dad-style was an excuse for your da to wear the most hideous garments committed to polyester – and get away with it, because he’s your dad.

Thankfully, for me, my ma, and everyone with a set of eyes, dad-style has evolved quite a bit. This means it’s now the done thing for your dad to look sharp and you can help him with this.

How? By getting him some stylish clothes this Father’s Day.

As with everything, what you decide to get your dad depends on him and what he likes – sort of. If your dad lacks the style you possess then I say go bold and get him something cutting edge that you like.

Because dad fashion has been thing for a few years now, you could get some ideas from this splendid article. However, I’m here to give you ideas, so I’ll tell you what I’d do – I’d head over to the Farrah website, find a classy jacket and buy it for your dad.

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Gambling, sports, and fashion are three ideas that you can’t go far wrong with this Father’s Day – all you need to do is decide which one to use for your dad and get him the dam gift!