Singleness is not a curse. Most of our choices make us happy and some, we live to regret. While some choices are made consciously, truth is that most people did not get the chance or opportunity to chose the life that they live. The life chose them. To some, their dream life chose them unexpectedly more like luck happened or they stumbled upon it, call it destiny or something else but the result of such people will be happiness and to those whose dream life for some reason God allowed is far away from them or yet to materialize, it is not a shock to find this people unhappy.

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Some single people would wish they met beauty and prince charming earlier on to settle or probably start a family but then life happens. They decide to pursue a career first to consider a relationship later or they kept running into bad relationships or they just could not find one they love who loves them too. To some when they were finally ready, they discover that the clock is fast ticking with yet no love in the picture. In such a case, they could sink into unhappiness if not encouraged.

How to be happy single

Know that its OK to be single

There are people who decide on their own to stay single and are happy. Why be unhappy over circumstances you cannot control? It wouldn’t change a thing. There are different aspects to life and singleness is one, embrace it wholeheartedly. Don’t let any body shame you about it. Learn to happy alone.

Know that life happens

Life would not all throw equal portions at us. Life will always dish different portions to us. Its ok if you think you got an undeserved portion. Its not the worst out there. There are married people yearning to be single again. Be happy. Know that life happens.

Life would always be full of ups and downs and ridden with shocks. You don’t want the frowns to fade your beauty and make you age faster. All you owe yourself is happiness. Being sad over your single state will not change anything but worsen your mental health. When you emit happiness regardless of your status, who knows what the future holds!

Accept loneliness once in a while.

Even some married and those people with partners experience this feelings. If you cannot learn to fight loneliness alone, then i am afraid you may be shocked to see that loneliness still exists when a partner finally shows up. It is deeper. Begin to cure your loneliness rather than depend on another person. Find deeper meanings from within you to feel the vaccum or accept that loneliness will pass too.

Think of the worse things that would have happened if you were in a relationship.

you could have been dead, had emotional dama, you could have been mutilated in the hands of thst toxic partner, you could have had unhappy kids etc Be happy. Single ness is a blessing in disguise to people still hoping for a partner.

Know that love and the right person can find you at any time and age.

It is never too late to find love. It can still find you where you are, at what ever state of your life, regardless if your stage of life, looks, achievement, financial status or age. Keep searching with hope. Your happiness depends on you, never tie it to a relationship status. And when that person shows up, it makes life all the more better for you.

About the author;
Mai Gail(Ray) is a survivor, writer and author in the making. Public health professional and
mental health expert who is MPH certified. A health and lifestyle blogger and creative director